‘Modern Family’ recap, review: Will the best 'Best Men' ever please step forward?

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Who's the best best man in TV history? Could it be Ross from "Friends," who stood up at his sis Monica's wedding to his BFF Chandler and also served as best man at friend Phoebe's wedding to Mike? Or Willow from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," who was Xander's best man even though she's a woman? Or how about "General Hospital's" Brenda, who did double duty and served as both the best "man" and maid of honor at the wedding for her pals Ned and Lois? (Hey, that's what best friends are for!)

None of these besties hold a candle to "Modern Family" men Mitch and Cam (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet), who were both tapped to star in the best-man role for the quickie wedding of their wild gal pal, Sal.

On the Season 4 episode "Best Men," guest star Elizabeth Banks was back in the role of Sal, who promised that her wedding would be "super cute" and small, while dropping the bombshell that it would also be the following Friday.

Cam went into panic mode, of course, asking how on Earth will they have time to do all the pre-wedding "best-man stuff," like help her pick out her dress, get her flowers, and get their hair blown out?

"He's never been a best man before," Mitchell explained.


While Sal wanted to make sure the guys were OK with her getting married, because, well, "I can get married, and you ... can't." Cam assured her it was all good. "What kind of people would we be if we denied you or anyone the right to marry?" he asked.

But did these understanding best men have a change of tune when it came to their party pal's commitment to marriage?

A stop at a bar to toast Sal's imminent nuptials culminated with her making out with a random bartender, and an hour later, the couple's wedding vows included the groom's admission of a bachelor-party date with a stripper. "I just want to start things out clean," the groom, Tony, said. (Aw, how romantic!)

The best line of the night may have come from Cam and Mitch's daughter, Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons), who was barely seen in this episode. (What? No flower girl cameo?)

When Sal half-heartedly told the 5-year-old, "Sorry you couldn't come to the wedding. It was no kids," Lily replied, "It's OK, I'll go to your next one." Good one, Lils!

Meanwhile, the teen hormones were raging in this episode. Manny (Rico Rodriguez) was crushing on the family's new nanny, while Luke (Nolan Gould) went on his first date. They grow up so fast!

"Modern Family" airs on Wednesday at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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