'Modern Family' Recap, Review: 'Flip Flop' is No Flop

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It was guest stars galore on Wednesday night's "Modern Family," when the family flipped out over a flipped house and a new female friend. The episode, titled "Flip Flop," featured family teamwork at its best and the return of Benjamin Bratt as Javier.

Claire and Cam's (Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet) real-estate renovation finally comes to fruition -- their house is ready to be flipped -- but with a sluggish housing market, it isn't exactly an easy sell, even with realtor Phil (Ty Burrell) at the helm. Enter Phil's real-estate rival, Gil Thorpe (Rob Riggle), who comes in with a low-ball offer that isn't going anywhere but down.

But Luke (Nolan Gould) has a buyer: A rich software geek who volunteers at his school. Haley (Sarah Hyland) spearheads a search on all of the social-media networks (yes, this guy has a Pinterest account) to find out everything the fam needs to know about potential buyer Zack Barbie (Anders Holm). Turns out that this fellow is a dog-owning beer drinker with a penchant for hockey, kickboxing, and MC Hammer -- not to mention "chicks in black tights." Time to create Barbie's dream house!

Across town, Manny's deadbeat dad Javier (Benjamin Bratt) is back in town, but this time he brings a new girlfriend, and she isn't his usual bimbo type. You know, like the stripper girlfriend he once brought on a fishing trip? ("I bet she was comfortable with the pole!" Ed O'Neil's Jay quips about Javier's former fling.)

Paget Brewster ("Criminal Minds") guest stars as Trish, Javier's new lady love who boasts an impressive museum background (can you say Christie's clout?) and a PhD. She's also one heck of a Charades player, and she instantly bonds with Manny (Rico Rodriguez), who figures out her "Sweeney Todd" charade in one motion. On the flip side, Gloria's guess in the literary classics category is "The Old Man and the Fish." Aw, it's a stupid game, anyway!

Speaking of fish catching, Javier knows he has a catch in Trish, so he plans to ask her to marry him, and he wants his grandmother's ring back from Gloria. No problem. A furious Gloria tells him, "Fine, I'll go get you the ring. But you owe me eight dollars, because I had to replace the emerald!"

Gloria as the green-eyed monster? Not so fast. She soon has the upper hand when she finds Trish sobbing over the fact that she will never measure up to the glorious Gloria. "Welcome to the family!" Gloria beams.

Meanwhile, the house flip setup is going swimmingly, as Zack Barbie can't believe how perfect the place is, what with the Blackhawks banner, the kickboxing gym, and MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" as the background music. The plan hits a major snag, though, when Cam mistakenly blurts out Zack's dog's name, Otis.

Oh snap! Can you say stalkers? Barbie is outta three when he realizes the "sellers" know way more than they should about his personal biz.

In the end, the house flipping team cuts a deal with Gil Thorp after all, after Cam and Mitchell pose as a gay couple interested in buying the house. Gil ups his offer and everyone wins -- especially the viewers of this hilarious and truly memorable episode.

"Modern Family" airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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