‘Modern Family’ recap, review: Major missed opportunities on ‘Bad Hair Day’

The hit sitcom stops short of a Bundy reunion

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What were you thinking, "Modern Family" producers? The Season 4 episode "Bad Hair Day" had all of the ingredients to be one of the great ones: smart one-liners, physical comedy, and a classic TV guest star. But why, oh why would you bring in Ed O'Neill's former "Married With Children" TV son David Faustino and not have them do a scene together?

We know Jay Pritchett is no Al Bundy, but it would have been a hoot to see the '80s-'90s father-son duo reunite to trade smart-alecky barbs with one another. Instead, Faustino's guest spot was with Ed O'Neill's modern day TV daughter, Claire (Julie Bowen). Dang!

While an Al and Bud reunion would have been the bomb, at least we got to meet another one of Claire's old flames. (Who can forget when Matt Dillon turned up as her sleazy high school boyfriend, Robbie?) But no, it wasn't Faustino's character, Tater. Instead it was a dashing professor (played by Maxwell Caulfield), who prompted Phil (Ty Burrell) to spew this line: "I've regretted throwing away things way more beaten up than Claire, so if this campus Casanova had thoughts of reclaiming her, guess what hotshot? Legally, I still own her."

In addition to the absolute silliness of not having the Bundy boys reunite, there was a side storyline that had an increasingly annoying Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) gluing a long blonde wig to the top of baby Joe's head. Yes, it was far-fetched (kid must have used Super Glue), but it did produce the biggest laugh-out-loud moment of the show, when Cam (Eric Stonestreet) emerged from the bathroom with the newborn in hand and said, "I'm working on a plan B or should I say, a plan Bieber." Yes, he gave the wig-wearing baby a haircut worthy of a teen idol.

In other family news:

Jay (O'Neill) won the big bowling tournament. But in another episode faux pas, we didn't get to see him bowl, which would have conjured up more hilarious memories of one of the all-time greatest TV bowlers, Al Bundy! (Sorry, but seeing Jay in that bowling shirt took us right back to 1987.)

Manny (Rico Rodriguez) finally landed the school chorus solo (doesn't hurt that his step-brother-in-law is the choir director), but not before he played drama queen and said, "Just coffee for me today. Black…like I feel on the inside."

And finally, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) faked an ankle injury so she could take a day off from mommy duty and enjoy a spa day. Of course, she maybe should have saved that salon gift certificate to get baby Joe's hair fixed.

"Modern Family" airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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