‘Modern Family’ recap, review: ‘Party Crasher’ celebrates milestones

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It was 14 candles for Manny on this week's episode of "Modern Family," but a little bundle of joy crashed his party!

The episode "Party Crasher" was chock full of milestones: a first kiss, a wedding (or two!), and the birth of the long-awaited Pritchett baby. But it was Manny's birthday that had Gloria trying to hold baby at bay until another day.

Daddy's little girl

But first, meet Haley's new boyfriend! Kenny (Jason Mantzoukas) is a 38-year-old jeans designer. He comes with a ponytail, a couple of ex-wives, and an endless supply of creepy double entendres.

Claire (Julie Bowen) is outraged: "What middle-aged guy would be interested in a young, attractive, newly legal woman? Oh that's right, all of them!" she screams. But Phil (Ty Burrell) is smitten by the guy's dazzling denim display. "These jeans just slipped on me so perfectly, my name must be Pantserella," he says after Kenny slides him some freebies. Phil changes his tune, however, after seeing the creepy guy fondling his daughter. A pair of hedge shears is nearly taken to Kenny's ponytail before Claire stops her crazed hubby.

Meanwhile, Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) is feeling a bit needy after Lily stages a fake wedding to her other daddy. Not one to be outdone, Cam stages a much more elaborate ceremony for him and Lils, complete with a floral wedding arch and a receiving line of stuffed animals. When Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) tries to analyze Cam's motive, Cam says, "Please to not turn me marrying my daughter into something ugly!"

A kiss is just a kiss

The man of the hour, Manny (Rico Rodriguez), has no idea about the surprise party his mom is planning for him. So imagine his surprise when he walks into the darkened house and his tweenage girlfriend gives him the most special birthday present of all: his first kiss.

Except (surprise!) the whole family has now witnessed it! (Luke even caught it on video.)

Manny retreats to his bedroom in horror. "Kids make fun of you if you get a haircut. I just gave them a full blown sex scandal," he says.

As Gloria (Sofia Vergara) tries to coax her humiliated son out of his room, it's clear she's in labor. "Stay in there!" she hisses at her stomach. Because you see, this big-hearted mama bear feels bad enough that Manny will soon have to share her with the new baby; she doesn't want him to have to share his birthday, too.

Family matters

In the end, Glo's water breaks (no time for birthday cake now!), Lily calls out for "daddy" (Cam) as opposed to "dad" (Mitch) when she accidentally falls in a swimming pool, and Phil saves his little girl from the clutches of the slimy old dude. All is right with this modern family.

Oh, P.S. It's a boy!

"Modern Family" airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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