'Modern Family' Season 5 Update: It's New Beginnings for the Popular ABC Sitcom

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"Modern Family" stars Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet, Julie Bowen, and other cast members are guests of ABC/ABC News.

The "Modern Family" cast is on summer hiatus, but that doesn't mean the show's behind-the-scenes peeps aren't still on the job. According to Deadline, "Up All Night" creator and former "Saturday Night Live" writer Emily Spivey has signed on to the top-rated ABC sitcom. The show's executive producer Danny Zuker tweeted

Which sketches, you ask?

Spivey -- who was an "SNL" scribe from 2001 to 2011 -- told Elle, "I remember my first show. It was the first one after 9/11. Rudy Giuliani was there, and it was my 30th birthday. I got a sketch on -- Maya Rudolph playing Donatella Versace. It felt magical."

In addition to a new writer, the show will boast a new opening. TV Guide has revealed the sitcom will shoot new opening credits to show how the cast members have changed over the past four years, most notably the now-teen actors who started on the series as young children.

"Now that the kids have grown and we have baby Joe, it's a good time to shoot a full new opening in front of the families' homes," executive producer Steven Levitan said. (Speaking of baby Joe, a new baby will be hired to play the infant, but the character won't be aged up like Lily was a few seasons ago.)

As for the Season 5 premiere, Spivey and the veteran writing team haven't hinted on any storylines yet (if they've even written a word), but a look back at the show's past premieres could provide a clue on what type of episode to expect.

On last season's premiere, "Bringing Up Baby," Gloria brought up her surprise pregnancy to the family, causing a giddy Claire (Julie Bowen) to gloat that her sexy stepmom was "going to get fat." The news was less humorous for Gloria's shocked husband Jay (Ed O'Neill), who celebrated his 65th birthday in the episode.

Season 3 debuted with a double shot of episodes, marking the sitcom's first one-hour premiere. "Dude Ranch" had the family vacationing at a Jackson Hole, Wyoming, dude ranch, where Phil (Ty Burrell) channeled his inner cowboy: "I've been practicing all the core cowboy skills: shootin', ropin', pancake eatin'," he said.

The second part of the two-parter, "When Good Kids Go Bad," had Mitchell and Cam (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet) explaining to Lily that they were planning to adopt another child. Sadly, two seasons and many tears later, that dream still hasn't come to fruition.

Season 2 kicked off with "The Old Wagon," which featured a trip down memory lane as the Dunphys prepared to sell the family station wagon. The same episode had the not-so-handy Mitchell on a mission to build a giant princess castle for Lily, which promptly turned into (as Cam put it) a "near-death experience."

And then there was Season 1; the original "Modern Family" episode called (what else?) "Pilot" had us meeting the family.

Check out the original trailer  -- it almost seems retro now -- and you'll also see why producers need to shoot a new opening:

Watch the full Season 4 finale here:

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