'Modern Family' Season 5 Spoilers: The Cast Is Talking!

It's new cast members and a new attitude for the Emmy-winning sitcom's fifth season.

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When it comes to spoilers, "Modern Family" is no "Mad Men." Unlike the notoriously tight-lipped AMC crew, the stars of the ABC sitcom like to talk. And while they stop short of giving away actual plot lines, they're not above dropping plenty of clues to get fans through the off-season.

Check out what the "Modern Family" cast is saying about Season 5.

Make way for Willard

Last season's finale addressed the death of Phil Dunphy's mother. Now, in an interview with "Access Hollywood," Ty Burrell says he hopes there will still be room for plenty of scenes with his TV dad, Fred Willard. "I hope that leads to some more Fred Willard-ness in the show, and I believe that it will," he said. "I'm not sure exactly how that's going to play out, but we all love getting to play around with Fred. I suspect there will be more of that."

But his onscreen wife, Julie Bowen, was quick to remind that the show is a comedy, despite last season's semi-sad ending. "In true comedy fashion, we left our tears at the end of that episode, and we moved on very easily," she said.

The family will get bigger

Comedian Adam DeVine (Comedy Central's "Workaholics") will join the cast in a recurring role as baby Joe's nanny. But his "manny" role won't be limited to changing diapers. Executive producer Christopher Lloyd told TV Guide the new character "doesn't want to just take care of the baby. He wants to sort of revive the entire household, which leads to some territorial clashes" with the fam.

Sarah Hyland, who plays the eldest Dunphy daughter, revealed there may be a new man in her character's life, as well. Following a sneak-peek table read, she said, "I've heard rumors that there's a new guy for Haley." A new boyfriend? It's about time! Let's just hope he's not as dim as Dylan and not as skeevy as that middle-aged jeans salesman she dated.

Phil's attitude will get an adjustment

You gotta love Phil and his eternally optimistic attitude. Or not. In an interview with E! Online, Ty Burrell dished that the Dunphy patriarch will have at least one bad day. "Some stuff is not going to go well; some stuff is going to go wrong," he said. "We just read an episode earlier today where Phil's optimism is tested." Oh no! Does that mean his real estate rival Gil Thorpe will break his spirit once and for all?

Yes will mean…yes

A promo for the upcoming season features the word of the day... or, er, the season. (Step aside "Sesame Street!") The teaser states, "Wednesday, Sept. 25th, 'Modern Family' will change with just one word." Yes, "Modern Family" plans to just say yes to the word "yes." While we're not sure what all of these affirmative responses are in reference to, we're glad they're all staying positive. Except for Phil, that is.

 Watch the "Modern Family" Season 5 promo: 

Same-sex marriage will be addressed

Finally. Not that the show hasn't touched on gay marriage in the past (remember Cam's poignant response when his wild-child pal, Sal, expressed guilt over her pending nuptials? "What kind of people would we be if we denied you or anyone the right to marry?" he asked), but this time it could be the real deal.

The topic will be addressed in the season premiere, while "Modern Family" star Ed O'Neill told The Huffington Post "It's not a bad bet," when asked about the chances of Mitch and Cam (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet) finally tying the knot. On the heels of the Defense of Marriage Act ruling, Ferguson and Stonestreet told E! News a Tucker-Pritchett wedding is "in the cards," hinting it might be an event worthy of the season finale.

By the way, soon there won't be an off-season for "Modern Family." Starting in September, the show's first four seasons will air in syndication on USA Network.

Check out the cast's reaction to their syndication status:

"Modern Family" returns on Wednesday, 9/25 at 9 PM on ABC.

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