Morgan Freeman on ‘The View’: Talking Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Nelson Mandela

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Morgan Freeman on ‘The View’: Talking Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Nelson Mandela

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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman dropped in to hang with his good buddies on "The View" and promote "The Dark Knight Rises." The film is the third in the Chris Nolan trilogy of the iconic comic book series. Freeman plays creative Batman business partner, Lucius Fox. The veteran actor has co-starred in all three films with Christian Bale as "The Dark Knight" himself.

Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the discussion on a serious note. She asked Morgan about a recent political controversy surrounding "leaked" comments. Freeman came under fire for saying that President Barack Obama was not the first black president. Goldberg asked Mr. Freeman for clarification.

Freeman explained, "I was playing golf with Bill Clinton..." Now, there's a sentence to start a conversation! Apparently, the Oscar-winning thespian joked with Clinton saying, "People say that Barack Obama is the first black president, but he's not. You're the first black president." The actor feels that "twitter and blogs" blew the funny comment out of proportion.

Morgan went on to say that all jokes aside, "Everybody seems to forget that [President Obama] had a mama. And she was white!" He insisted with a smile that this would make Obama the first mixed race president. Sure thing; why can't the president just check all of the above? Whoopi summed it up, as only she could, by saying that if Clinton and Obama were walking down the street together, the KKK would run after Mr. Obama.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck chimed in with the analysis that folks are already calling the new Batman movie an "appointment film" like "appointment TV." Morgan described the movie as "very exciting." The co-hosts cited that there's a new villain, as well as Catwoman in this installment. Catwoman is, of course, played by Anne Hathaway. Freeman was gifted with a taxidermy bat in a glass case by the director for his work in the series. We agree with Joy Behar who responded with an "Ew!" Morgan said that the Dracula films gave the bat "a bad rap."

The discussion was rounded out with news of the upcoming birthday of Nelson Mandela. Freeman played Mandela in the film "Invictus." Mandela's 94th birthday will be celebrated on Wednesday, July 19th. Freeman said that the legendary civil rights leader doesn't want supporters to honor him by "taking a day off to go fishing." Instead, he asks his 67 years in public service to be honored with each person taking six to seven minutes to help someone else.

All in all, it was a sound conversation. We join Mr. Freeman to wish a happy birthday to Mr. Mandela.

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