Most Anti-Climactic 'Project Runway' Winner Decisions

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The season finale of a TV show is supposed to be a pulse-pounding race to the finish line. Sadly, more than a few season finales of "Project Runway" have been ho-hum, anti-climactic affairs.

Case in point: the recent Season 11 finale. Going in to the home stretch, it was pretty obvious to fans that Michelle Lesniak Franklin was going to be the winner. However, heavy-handed editing tried to mislead the audience that someone else would win over Michelle: A trick that not many audience members fell for. Crushable ran an article mocking the anti-climactic season finale under the headline "The Winner Isn't A Surprise, But After Two Hours You'll Be Convinced It Is."

Sadly, for every nail-bitingly intense season finale "Runway" has produced, there have been a few less-than-thrilling finales to balance things out. Here are some prime examples of the most uninspiring, unexciting season finales and winner announcements in "Project Runway" history.

Gretchen Jones, Season 8

The announcement of Gretchen Jones as the Season 8 winner was somewhat of a surprise to some fans. Many had expected Mondo Guerra to win.

However, to anyone paying attention to the judge's comments about Gretchen's garments in the run-up to the finale, it was clear that some of the judges were totally enamored with her boho-chic aesthetic. When Gretchen won, it knocked the wind out of many "Runway" fans' sails, and it was an unsatisfying, anti-climactic end to a rocky season.

Dmitry Sholokhov, Season 10

Once Christopher Palu was out of the running, was there really any doubt about who would take home the gold? Going into the finale, Dmitry had the same number of wins as Melissa and Fabio combined. That being said, Melissa, Fabio, and Dmitry were some of the most "blah" contestants in the entire season's lineup. With his moody demeanor and snobbish attitude toward the other designers, declaring Dmitry to be the winner made legions of fans respond with a resounding "meh."

Anthony Ryan Auld, "All Stars" 2

Who is Anthony Ryan Auld? Utterly forgotten after his time on Season 9, he went on to win the second all-stars season. He beat out favored contenders Uli Herzner and Emilio Sosa. But even after being declared a winner, Auld is still a forgettable figure in "Runway" history.
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