Most baffling character deletions from popular TV shows

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TV fans hate it when characters go missing from their favorite shows without an explanation. Sadly, it's a pretty frequent occurrence. But what makes fans really crazy is when characters go missing just when they'd be needed the most. Here are some examples of the most illogical times when characters got "deleted" from popular TV shows.

Johann Burchard, "The Borgias"

Season 2 of "The Borgias" saw two main characters go missing in action. The youngest Borgia child, Gioffre, is presumably off enjoying his marriage with Sancia of Naples. While his disappearance does rob the show of some dramatic tension, it's somewhat understandable given his young age.

The more confusing character deletion in Season 2 was Johann Burchard, an expert on canon law who played a pivotal role in Season 1. There were any number of sub-plots in Season 2 that Burchard should have been involved in, from the Pope's investigation into the misappropriation of funds designated for Rome's poor citizens and public works projects, to the storyline where the Pope issues heresy charges against Savanarola. Here's hoping this intelligent expert in church doctrine will be back in Season 3.

Jimbo and Ned, "South Park"

Pip and Tweek have been absent for many seasons now, though Pip did get a minor appearance in the episode "201." But more distressing is the absence of Jimbo and Ned, the two gun-nuts who love to shoot big game in the Colorado woods. Given how often the boys are in serious physical danger, having allies with guns might be helpful. And given the fact that Jimbo is also Stan's uncle, Jimbo should be around more often than he is.

Kate Lockley, "Angel"

Detective Kate Lockley's disappearance from "Angel" had a simple cause: actress Elizabeth Rohm was offered a role on "Law & Order." But her character's disappearance from the show made absolutely no sense. Not only did Angel need the police's help to solve certain mysteries, but Lockley's last appearance was in an episode where she was saved from a suicide attempt, and had begun to develop real chemistry with Angel.

Dr. Goodman, "Bones"

Even long-time "Bones" fans have a hard time remembering Dr. Goodman, who was only around in Season 1. He was basically Cam's predecessor, though the reason for Dr. Goodman's departure was never explained. In Season 2, he was supposed to be on a two-month sabbatical. With the show now on Season 7, it's unlikely Dr. Goodman is coming back. What makes even less sense is that in a flashback episode, Dr. Goodman doesn't make an appearance. His experience as an archaeologist would have been very helpful in some Season 5 and 6 cases.

Tom Milligan, "Doctor Who"

In Season 3 of this revamped sci-fi series, Martha meets Tom Milligan while on a mission to save the Doctor. Despite rewinding time so that their meeting never happened, she seeks him out in the altered timeline and eventually gets engaged to him. And yet, by the time of her last appearance in Season 4, she is inexplicably married to Mickey Smith instead. It was a jarring change for fans of the show, and seemed like the two were placed together haphazardly by the writers just so that the Doctor could tie up some loose ends during his "farewell tour."
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