Most exciting clues in the new 'American Horror Story: Asylum' preview

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"American Horror Story" is set to return for a second season next week, and this new preview has got fans going even more crazy than before. With its sinister vibe and some interesting sneak peeks into the characters, there are many clues to be found. Here is a look at some of the most interesting parts of the trailer.

Adam Levine's haunted honeymoon

The appearance of Maroon 5's Adam Levine in "American Horror Story" excited many of his fans. After taking a look at the preview, it seems as though they won't be disappointed. Levine enters the show with his new bride, taking a "haunted honeymoon" tour around the remains of the former asylum. As the couple attempt to get down and dirty, a noise startles them, though what happens next is still unclear. From what we know so far, it looks like Levine will open the show as an introduction to the horrors held within the walls of the institution.

Jessica Lange, still evil?

There is no denying that Jessica Lange's previous character, Constance, was twisted beyond belief. We were led to believe that any returning cast would play a completely opposite personality in Season 2. While Lange is dressed as a nun, the new preview doesn't show her in a favorable light. There is a moment when she appears to lose her temper in front of another nun, and a short clip showing Sarah Paulson's character strapped to a bed with Lange telling her she "had an accident." While there is a chance her new character isn't as evil as Constance, it certainly doesn't look like she's playing a saint, either.

Joseph Fiennes, not as innocent as he seems

Joseph Fiennes is one of the more exciting additions to this year's cast. He plays Timothy O'Hara, the boss of Jessica Lange's character. He initially comes across as being decent, but there is a momentary flash of him looking provocative with a woman sitting on his lap. This suggests that he might not be quite the caring man he pretends to be.

Overall creep factor reaches new levels

One thing is absolutely clear from the new "American Horror Story" trailer: The scare factor has been turned up since Season 1. Every single moment in this preview is intense and dark. The premiere season of the show was terrifying, but Season 2 looks set to top that. The setting, the characters, and the subject matter will likely make viewers both uncomfortable and enthralled -- and that is why it attracted so much attention the first time around.
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