The Most Hated Love Triangles on TV: ‘The Office,’ ‘Lost,’ and More

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Pick a TV show, any TV show: Chances are there's at least one love triangle between the characters. For the most part, TV fans like a good love triangle: The romance adds great tension and drama to the story. But there are some love triangles that fans absolutely hated. Here are some examples of the most-hated TV love triangles in recent memory.

"The Office": Jim/Pam/Brian

Longtime fans of "The Office" were incensed this season when Jim and Pam's longtime romance was threatened by the introduction of Brian, a sound guy working on the documentary that's being filmed in the office. Even though it didn't really seem like Pam wanted to have an affair, fans were outraged that any man could potentially steal Pam away from Jim. Even if you hate the idea, however, you have to admit: this is the first time in many seasons that Jim and Pam have had anything interesting to do.

"Lost": Jack/Kate/Sawyer

To be fair, watching Kate try and sort out her feelings for both Jack and Sawyer was fun -- at first. But by the time the second season rolled around, the love triangle had gotten really stale. Throwing Juliet into the mess in Season 3 didn't make things much better. Fans got tired of the constant will-they-won't-they drama fairly quickly but had to wait for years for a resolution.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation": Riker/Troi/Riker

In the episode "Second Chances," a transporter accident causes Commander Riker to cross paths with Lt. Riker: a Riker from eight years prior. Lt. Riker has strong feelings for Troi and seeing the two of them together reminds Commander Riker why he loved Troi in the first place. What made fans crazy during this episode was the fact that not a single fan was taken in by the false trappings of drama. For a show that was so set in its ways, it was obvious that the "new" Riker wouldn't be sticking around, so what was the point of getting emotionally invested?

"Battlestar Galactica": Lee/Kara/Anders

Poor Anders. It was obvious to everyone that Lee and Kara belonged together, except to Lee and Kara themselves. Week after week, fans screamed at their TVs hoping that Kara would ditch Anders and take the plunge with Lee. By the time Lee and Kara were ready to admit their feelings for each other, it was too late. Anders was a nice guy, but he wasn't Kara's soul mate.
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