Most heartwarming moments from 10 seasons of ‘Project Runway’

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What comes to mind when you hear the words "Project Runway?" More than likely, it's a combination of hot fashions and even hotter tempers. As the show goes on, it has become synonymous with catfights, temper tantrums, and epic showdowns. But "Runway" isn't always about the drama. Despite the catty antics of many of the contestants, the show has featured some truly heartwarming moments over the years. Here are some of the best.

Goodbye, Valerie (Season 8)

Valerie Mayen may just have been the sweetest contestant ever, giving even the doting Peach Carr a run for her money. She was a class act, all the way, and her sweet reaction to being eliminated was heartwarming and sad all at once. She told every remaining designer what she liked best about them: how sweet! To top things off, her elimination took place at the end of the episode where Mondo revealed his HIV+ status to a very supportive cast. Even Tim teared up at the end of the episode.

She just needed a hug (Season 9)

Kimberly is probably best remembered as the designer who made AMAZING tailored pants. What is less well-remembered is her near-breakdown on the show, which was partially brought on by a sewing machine accident where she badly hurt her finger. Everything was going wrong, and Tim could tell. He gave her a hug, and she felt much better.

Gunner and Chris make up (Season 10)

Chris and Gunner hated each other almost on sight. Fans could tell it was because the two men were just too much alike to work as friends. Eventually, the two designers stopped fighting and discovered some common ground. Both were bullied as kids, and they bonded over that experience in the ninth episode of the season. When Gunner got auf'd, Chris gave him a genuine hug.

Michael meets Diane (All Stars)

When Michael Costello made it to the All Stars level of the competition, he managed to wow his fashion idol Diane von Furstenberg. Watching these two bridge the generation gap over their shared love of fashion was so sweet. And when von Furstenberg offered Michael a chance to work with her sometime in the future, his joy was practically palpable.

Daniel makes a heroic sacrifice (Season 2)

Daniel Franco may not have had the best designs, but he was an excellent team leader. During Season 2, Franco's team was up for elimination in a team challenge. He stepped up to the plate, and took the blame for the team's failings, and tearfully asked to be eliminated so that his team members could stay in the competition. The show could use more team players like Daniel Franco.
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