Mr. T Turns the Big 6-0! Plus a Look at What Other Stars Will Light Sixty Candles This Year

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We don't pity Mr. T today; we celebrate him as he turns 60 years old. The "Rocky III" star, born Lawrence Tureaud back in 1952, was working as a bouncer at nightclubs when he created the alter-ego he has become so famous for today. Part of his signature look was a seeming mountain of gold chains and necklaces draped around his neck. That apparently started when patrons would leave or lose their jewelry at the clubs he was hired to be the bouncer at.

T began to get work as a bodyguard and he had clients that included action star Steve McQueen and boxing legend Muhammad Ali. In his early adult years he competed in and won several strongman competitions. He was spotted by Sylvester Stallone on a "World's Strongest Bouncer" contest NBC was televising and Stallone immediately cast him in the third "Rocky" film. Ultimately, T became ubiquitous, popping up everywhere and eventually getting a starring role in "The A-Team," an action-packed TV show that ran from 1983 to 1987.

So who else is joining T in Club 60 this year?

Jeff Goldblum - The veteran actor who starred in "The Fly" and "Independence Day" will celebrate his 60th birthday in October. It was also just announced that work will begin shortly on "Jurassic Park IV," and that Jeff will reprise his role of Dr. Ian Malcom. Later this year, "Zambezia" will hit theaters and Jeff provided a character voice for the animated feature.

Dan Aykroyd - The original "Saturday Night Live" cast member will have his birthday in July. Aykroyd has been busy with his Crystal Skull vodka line, and rumors have been flying that "Ghostbusters III" is in the works. Dan's also a big part of the House of Blues chain of restaurants, having been a big supporter of blues ever since he and John Belushi played Jake and Elwood Blues in "The Blues Brothers" in 1980.

Paul Reubens - Perhaps best known as the perpetual child Pee-Wee Herman, a character he created while part of a famous Los Angeles area sketch and improvisation group, Reubens will celebrate his big day in August. Pee-Wee had two major motion pictures, one of which was the directorial debut of Tim Burton, and had a long-running Saturday morning kids show. Personal issues kept Paul out of the spotlight for awhile, but he's back and even took his Pee-Wee stage show all the way to Broadway, where it was taped as part of an HBO special.

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