'Nashville' recap: Avery learns to 'Be Careful of Stones That You Throw,' Juliette runs from her troubles

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In the "Nashville" episode "Be Careful of Stones That You Throw," everyone is paying for their bad decisions. Avery takes the lead as a cautionary tale for stepping on those you care about to get to the top, and Juliette learns that sometimes even her mother has good advice.

Sean and Juliette have rashly eloped, and we get the impression that finally getting limo sex with Sean was more of a triumph than her wedding vows. Sean is stunned when she checks her phone immediately after their wedding tryst and leaves to go work at the studio gig, which she'd forgotten about, with Rayna.

Rayna congratulates Juliette on her wedding, but it's icy cold as the two trade barbs about each other's personal lives. Desperate to hit the road, Rayna informs Juliette their joint tour starts in three days. The young star is forced to agree that she needs this just as much as her new touring partner does.

Juliette puts on the happy face for Sean, trying to will herself into a happy life. But his parents are furious about the elopement and arrange a quick church ceremony to try and lend credibility to the marriage. Sean's mother pokes at Juliette's wounds over her her own mother and gets Sean to arrange a visit to the rehab. Juliette talks him into letting her go herself.

Rehab agrees with Jolene, who looks healthy and calm. Juliette tells her about the wedding but doesn't get the delighted response she wants. Jolene tells her that getting married to a guy she barely knows is not going to "fill the hole inside of her." When Juliette angrily accuses her of trying to ruin her happiness, Jolene asks if she is happy -- and we can see that she's not.

Meanwhile, Rayna tells Teddy that she's going on tour immediately and taking the girls with her. He's shocked and tells her she's in for a fight if he tries to take the girls away. This earns her a visit from her sister and father, trying to talk her into saving her family and the campaign. Lamar even stoops to telling her that it would be "unfortunate if Maddie discovered who her real father is." Outraged, Rayna throws them both out of the house.

Out on the road, Deacon is feeling like a fish out of water. He's not enjoying the competing egos in the band, especially when attention from fans and press starts to focus on him. He hates all the fuss and noise of a rock tour. When he finds out Rayna's touring again, he reflexively asks who's playing guitar for her. A journalist and ex-flame looking for a story tries to cheer him up with a night together, and finds herself worrying that he's unhappy and in danger of spiraling out of control again.

Avery decides on one last gig with his band before dumping them for his solo career. Telling them they were "just kids" when they promised to always stick together, he nearly gets punched out, abruptly ending his romantic "last time" idea. He goes over to Scarlett's to pick up his belongings from their apartment and manages to get his last time with her instead. He even asks her to join him in Atlanta.

Once she finds out he's dumped his band, however, she's appalled and throws him out. He'll have to make do now with the sharks he's chosen to swim with. She commiserates later with his former friends and agrees to sing with them so they don't have to give up the gig. It's so successful that they ask her to join the band, but "singing someone else's songs" makes her realize how much she loves making her own music with Gunnar. This revelation helps her patch things up with her writing partner after their short-lived attempt at romance.

Rayna storms in on a meeting between Teddy and her father, and lets her husband know about Lamar's threats. The tycoon is surprised that Teddy knows about Maddie's biological father, and even more surprised when Teddy lashes out at him and warns him to stay out of it. Grateful for Teddy's response, Rayna later tells him that she'll do the tour and see the kids when she can, just like they've always done. The two agree they still love each other and that they'll keep trying to make things work for their children.

As one marriage toughs it out, another falters right at the start. Juliette gets ready for the wedding, and Sean is waiting at the altar. But in the limo, we can see she's started to realize she can't make Sean's family into her own and can't force the happiness. She skips the church and gets on a plane instead, running away from her troubles like always.

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