'Nashville' recap: Is it the end for Rayna and Teddy?

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In Wednesday night's "Nashville" episode "I've Been Down That Road Before," the tension escalates between Rayna and Teddy, with plenty of help from Deacon and Peggy. Juliette continues to struggle against her pop princess image, and Scarlett faces off with Avery once again.

"Nashville" begins with yet another terse phone call between Teddy and Rayna. He doesn't believe that she didn't know about Deacon going on the tour, and he's even angrier when she's forced to confess that she met with her ex before that. They both hang up with nothing resolved between them.

Things aren't any better between Rayna and Deacon, as they keep meeting up in the hotel elevator. She tries to make small talk, but he gives her the cold shoulder. She admits it's awkward having him on the tour, which only makes things worse between them.

Meanwhile, Deacon is getting Juliette fired up about being a more serious artist. She's upset when she sees his reaction to the "Vegas show" quality of her tour, and she starts to resent all of the glitter, costumes, and dancers her fans demand of her. Glenn tells her she's a multimillion-dollar industry, and she can't take any risks right now.

Teddy runs into Peggy in town. She's separated from her husband and living in her own townhome now. It's clear there's a lot of affection between them, and Teddy is especially moved when she tells him that he deserves to have someone who appreciates him, and that he shouldn't have to work so hard to make someone love him. The two end up sleeping together, but then both immediately have regrets about it.

Without Avery, Scarlett's having trouble making the rent, and Gunnar's roommates are immature pranksters who prevent him from ever getting a decent night's sleep. Their band plays a gig in front of a disinterested audience, and Scarlett's share of $24 won't help her keep her house. She calls Avery for the money he owes her, but doesn't hear back.

Instead he shows up on her doorstep with a camera crew. He's filming an episode of a TV show about performers and their favorite cities, and he's hoping to show off his success to her. When Scarlett storms out and asks about the rent money he owes her, Avery brushes her aside and tells her she's got the house so they're even.

Motivated by Deacon's "Don't think, just do" advice, Juliette gets up on stage at their next tour stop in casual clothes and debuts a mostly acoustic song the two wrote together. The crowd seems to like it, but Glenn is furious afterward. Juliette is crushed when he lets her know a music writer live-tweeted the show and blasted her for pretentiously trying to be more than the talentless pop diva she is.

Glenn then goes to Deacon and chastises him for tampering with Juliette's career, accusing him of trying to recreate his life on tour with Rayna and using Juliette to do it.

Rayna meets with Watty to talk about her own record label. She asks him about the two talented kids he told her about and is dismayed to find out Scarlett is Deacon's niece. Eventually she decides that she can't let tension with Deacon force her to pass up a good opportunity in her career.

She meets Deacon in the elevator again. This time he tells her he's "done talking" and surprises her with a passionate kiss. He leaves her breathless in the elevator, but it's not long before she's texting him to come up to her penthouse suite. Unfortunately when he gets there, he sees that Teddy has arrived unexpectedly to meet Rayna.

Scarlett convinces Gunnar that they can solve both their living arrangement problems by becoming platonic roommates. He's just moved in when Avery shows up to attempt and make amends to Scarlett. He gives her the money and apologizes for his behavior earlier. As soon as he sees Gunnar, however, he jealously lashes out with suggestive insults. He and Gunnar exchange verbal and physical blows, and Avery gets the worst of it.

Furious, Avery goes back to Marilyn and tells her that he's sick of the way he's living. He packs up his stuff and tells her that they can have a strictly business relationship from now on or she can leave him -- it's her choice.

Meanwhile, Scarlett cleans up Gunnar's bloody lip and asks him where he learned to fight so well. He admits to her that he and his brother got into some trouble when they were younger. He asks if that bothers her, and she assures him it doesn't. It's clear she appreciates the way he defended her honor.

Juliette is making herself crazy reading the journalist's nasty tweets when her assistant comes in to share something with her. She shows Juliette an online video of the new song from the concert, and the 100,000 views and "likes" it got. She lets her boss know that she admires her bravery and her fans apparently did too. Juliette hugs her, and the two share a happy moment.

Rayna's not so lucky, however. Teddy's arrived to tell her that he can't wait around anymore, hoping for things to get better. With her text to Deacon clearly on her mind, Rayna is both guilty and stunned when Teddy asks her for a divorce.

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