'Nashville' recap: Juliette goes diva (even more than usual), Rayna faces the end of her marriage

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In Wednesday night's "Nashville" episode, "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight," Rayna struggles to cope with her impending divorce, and the stress of both her tour and the temptations that surround it. Juliette continues on the warpath to her new "serious" career, happy to mow down anyone in her way.

Rayna is understandably having a hard time processing Teddy's request for a divorce while still performing and doing press for the tour. Deacon gets worried when he sees Rayna zone out on stage, missing her first cue in 20 years. He tries to talk to her afterward, but she tells him she'll have to explain it all later, she's too fragile to discuss it right now.

Flush with the success from her acoustic number on the tour, Juliette hands out new instructions for her band and crew to move away from "the more juvenile stuff." Glenn tries to talk to her about running these ideas by him, but she's offended by his efforts to control her and treat her like a child. When he gets nowhere with her, he talks to the staff himself, insisting they bring any changes to him first.

When Deacon is left out of the meeting, he confronts Glenn. It's clear the manager didn't want what he said to the crew getting back to Juliette. Deacon tries to tell him that being "like a father" to Juliette also means Glenn is going to have to let her make mistakes and grow up on her own. Glenn isn't convinced.

At her hotel, Rayna is surprised to run into Liam. She's angry at first, but eventually accepts his invitation for a night of escape. The two go drinking and dancing, but when he wants to go further, she realizes she's been recognized by one of the bar customers. The two leave and go back to the hotel, where they share a passionate kiss in the hall before slipping into Liam's hotel room.

Once things start to heat up, however, Rayna feels overwhelmed and excuses herself to go hide out in the bathroom. Eventually Liam gets her to let him in, and she pours out her angst over the divorce, and whether she should just tough it out for the kids. Liam tells her that his own parents tried that, and though it was awful at the time, the best day of his life was when his mother finally left. Rayna appreciates his kindness and hints that maybe they should make that album together, after all.

Deacon sees Rayna all friendly with Liam later at the hotel and confronts her, obviously assuming the two spent the night together. Though he doesn't say it, it's clear he's upset she decided to ease her troubled mind with Liam instead of him.

Meanwhile, Scarlett and Gunnar are still toying with the line between flirtation and friendship. They are both stunned and overjoyed when Watty White phones to let them know that Rayna is interested in signing them to her new label. Things get complicated, however, when Gunnar's brother, Jason, turns up in town. Being in Nashville violates Jason's Texas parole and letting him stay at their house means they're harboring a fugitive.

For Gunnar's sake, Scarlett finally agrees to let Jason stay one night. When she starts to see that Jason has cared for Gunnar growing up and seems to want to do the right thing again, her natural good nature inspires her to tell Gunnar that his brother can stay a while longer. We quickly see that things haven't changed, however, when the gun Jason promised he no longer had is still in his duffel bag.

Rayna goes home, and she and Teddy face the difficult task of telling the girls about their possible divorce. Things seem to go as well as can be expected, but then Rayna's older daughter Maddie comes and talks to her alone. She lets Rayna know that she overheard Teddy talking on the phone to Peggy, and that "he's still with her." Rayna is stunned as the two share a hug; it's just another bombshell she has to deal with.

Back on the tour, Deacon tries to subtly reason with Juliette about taking her career changes more slowly. Of course, she gets it out of him that Glenn has gone behind her back, and in a fit of rage, rouses everyone on their hotel floor from sleep and shouts at them in the hallway. She demands that they all follow her orders, and Glenn decides he's had enough and quits on the spot.

Deacon points out that this wasn't one of her more "mature" moments, and she finally feels some shame when he tells her that he doesn't like that side of her. When she gets back to her house, she quickly sends her assistant home. Though she was going to set her mother up in an apartment somewhere, she calls her and asks Jolene if she'd like to come stay with her.

In other news, Hailey approaches Avery about selling his publishing rights. She wants to make her career by signing him. He perks up when she mentions giving him the financial help to make the kind of music he wants. He's feeling controlled by his record label, and when he talks to Marilyn about it, he sees she's already shacking up with another young musician. He feels like he's on his own again and takes Hailey's offer.

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