'Nashville' recap: Juliette plays second fiddle to Rayna, Deacon falls apart

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In the "Nashville" episode "You Win Again," all the pressures the characters face cause them to lash out at one another. The emotional unloading helps some of them see the light, however, and for the second week in a row, Juliette says "I'm sorry."

Juliette is hating the tour, getting ignored on stage by the flirty Rayna and Liam, and getting annoyed that the press are acting like Rayna wrote their hit song alone. She's even forced to share her private plane with Rayna and ends up feeling like the little girl tag-a-long. Even at the record company's party to promote their number one tune, Juliette fumes that her picture is smaller than Rayna's on the poster.

As if this wasn't stressful enough, she has to attend a court hearing for her mother. Deacon arrives to be a character witness, but he begs off, citing a recent nasty article that said he was fired from his band for falling off the wagon. Apparently sleeping with journalists doesn't earn you a positive story.

Deacon urges Juliette to testify and to speak from the heart, but all she's able to manage are a few words about hoping her mother's recovery "sticks this time." The judge, of course, rules that Juliette's mother Jolene has to go back to rehab. Trying to make the best of things, Deacon offers to escort Jolene to her daughter's record company party, so her free day won't be wasted.

Deacon is furious when Rayna, obviously worried that the article might be true, shows up at his house. He's cruel to her, once again mocking her marriage and accusing her of abandoning him when he was in rehab. Rayna retorts that it was five times in rehab, and she finally couldn't deal with worrying each time if he would make it. He tells her to "stop doing it, then." It's clear he doesn't want her there.

When Deacon doesn't show at the party, Juliette obsessively tries to keep her mother from embarrassing her, jealously lashing out at her when Jolene fawns over Rayna. "Why do you have to ruin everything?" she snaps. She also runs into ambitious Avery, who tries to talk to her about himself, of course. "Sorry, I've never heard of you," she says, brushing him aside. It's the biggest hit his ego has taken in awhile.

After the party, Juliette goes to find Deacon and is worried when she finds him at home in a trashed room. She's relieved when she realizes he's not drunk, just depressed. She tells him he needs to get back to work and playing music, the reason he went to rehab in the first place. He confesses that he got sober for Rayna and now sees how pointless that was. Then he admonishes Juliette for worrying about him instead of her own mother.

Back at home, Juliette apologizes to her mother and tells her she's proud of her. She's stunned when Jolene tearfully tells her what a wonderful person she thinks Juliette is, that she turned out so well "in spite of" her mother. She adds that it was amazing to see her daughter on stage with one of her childhood idols, and now she's "her equal." It's the words Juliette has been longing to hear, and the two tearfully embrace.

Meanwhile, Rayna's being wooed by another record company, and Liam urges her to make the jump. She likes the female exec's pitch but isn't sure she wants to bail from the people that made her career. Later she discovers Liam would get a bonus if she switched, so he's doing it for the money. She also feels like he's planning on a fling with her since he considers her marriage a sham. Rayna ends their business partnership on the spot.

Scarlett tries to form a new partnership herself, when Avery's old band invite both she and Gunnar to join. Having just found out his brother is a fugitive from the law, he's too upset to consider it and berates her for only caring about trivial things. His mood softens when he discovers his brother has returned his guitar, however, and he shows up to rehearsal to apologize to Scarlett and jam with the band. In town for a music festival, Avery drives by and is angry and jealous when he sees them all together. He doesn't stop.Rayna has a nice moment with Teddy before another flight out for her tour, telling him she doesn't regret marrying him, and they have to figure out what to do going forward. Rayna is stunned when Deacon joins them on the plane, having been hired by Juliette for her own band. Rayna's not sure how to handle this news and looks back at the gate, where we can see Teddy is fuming and suspicious.

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