'Nashville' recap: Juliette is ready to go 'Where He Leads Me'

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Things are tough for the musical clan in the "Nashville" episode "Where He Leads Me." Teddy's lying to Rayna catches up to him, Deacon gets lectured by Juliette, and Avery finds himself at another moral crossroads.

Teddy warns Rayna about the incriminating pictures but makes up a story about Peggy leaning on him over troubles in her marriage. His lie becomes true when Peggy turns up at the campaign office, frantic that her husband doesn't believe her about the supposed affair. Nervous about being seen with her, Teddy brushes her off.

Rayna confronts Coleman about smearing her family's name, and he shows her the pictures. Clearly affected by the intimacy portrayed in them, she goes to Peggy's house, only to discover that the fragile woman has overdosed in a suicide attempt. Rayna comes back home and demands Teddy tell her the truth. He finally confesses about the theft of bank money and bribery to cover it up. Rayna is horrified and says she doesn't know if she can trust him anymore.

The pictures are released, and Teddy makes a statement to the press denying any affair. Rayna turns up to make her own statement in support but tells Teddy it's only for their daughters' sake, not his. She's furious at being lied to by her husband, father, and the sister she thought she could count on.

Meanwhile, Juliette is riding high on the success of her duet single with Rayna and the sweetness of her new boyfriend Sean. She's frustrated when he sticks to his celibacy-before-marriage vow but agrees to meet his parents at church that weekend. She ends up being thrilled by the attention she receives from his fan-girl sister and kind parents. After performing with the church choir, she agrees to have dinner at their home.

After a pleasant meal, though, she's surprised when Sean's mother has a heart-to-heart with her about their true feelings. They don't approve of Juliette or how she's tampered with Sean's squeaky clean image. Mrs. Butler makes it clear that connecting their family with Juliette's is "never gonna happen." Of course this doesn't slow down Juliette one bit. She asks Sean over to her house and asks him to marry her. It's clear she wants to start a new family.

When Deacon drops by with a letter from her mother, she's furious with him for trying to force her to forgive the terrible things that have been done to her. She tells him to stop meddling and take care of his own life for once.

Deacon has this on his mind when he visits with Rayna and tells her about an opportunity to be the guitarist for a hit band on tour. They picked their old friend Deacon because they're on the road to sobriety, like he is. Rayna tells him to go for it. The two have a nice moment as they agree they're both looking to find "what's around the next bend."

In other news, Hailey breaks it off with Gunnar because she can see he's in love with Scarlett. Gunnar realizes finally that she's right, and confesses his feelings to Scarlett before kissing her. Though she responds, she's freaked out and pushes him away for much of the episode. But each time she sees him, we can see she's realizing she has feelings for him, too.

Avery makes his own gesture with Scarlett, giving her a bottle of wine they meant to open when he got a record deal. He tells her they should have opened it when she got hers. He then takes off on a private flight to Atlanta to discuss a record deal with Dominic King (Wyclef Jean) and learns that the deal is only with him. Avery is stunned at the idea of ditching his lifelong friends, but Marilyn stops him from rejecting the deal, telling him not to kill his career before it starts.

Meanwhile, Marshall tells Rayna about the success of the duet and suggests an arena tour with Juliette. She's not happy but getting away doesn't sound so bad. "I'm not saying no," she tells him.

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