'Nashville' Recap: Maddie Acts Out, Juliette Causes Chaos, and Avery's Career Goes Up in Flames

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On Wednesday night's "Nashville" episode, "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts," Juliette still has a lot to learn about responsibility. Rayna and Teddy face the fallout from the divorce when Maddie acts out, and Scarlett faces one of the toughest moments of her budding musical career.

Juliette takes her career into her own hands

Juliette decides to steamroll ahead without a manager and takes a meeting with Marshall Evans about the publicity for the new album. She's dismissive of their old-and-boring tactics and decides to build some excitement herself by tweeting that she'll give freebies out at a small venue concert that was supposed to only be for 50 fan-club members.

After lashing out against her mother for the divorce, Maddie lies to her father and sneaks out with her friends to Juliette's show. Of course, the sudden onslaught of fans in the tiny location leads to a mob scene, and Maddie gets hurt in the chaos. Deacon leaps from the stage and gets her to safety, then a hospital.

Playing the blame game

As usual, Juliette is blaming everyone but herself for six people getting injured and demands her overworked assistant to just "fix it." But hearing her mother claim responsibility for her own actions in her recovery session -- and an anguished call from Rayna -- both help Juliette see the light. She asks her mother and counselor to join her on tour, and then she goes to the hospital to pay the bills of those who were hurt at her concert.

Rayna and Teddy argue over what's happened to Maddie and about their arrangements for Teddy to watch her that week. Finally Rayna convinces her ex that their daughter needs both her parents at a time like this, and he lets her come in to the house to console Maddie. Rayna lets her little girl know that her mom and dad both love her, despite how awful the divorce gets.

Avery burns music and bridges

At a meeting with Dominic and Marilyn, Avery discovers that his music has been remixed into something he "wouldn't even listen to, let alone play." He's told in no uncertain terms that if Dominic likes it, that's what his new sound will be. Avery decides to steal all the masters from the recording studio and set them on fire. His career is no doubt also up in flames, even though he gives Dominic the remainder of his publishing check and the keys to the new car back. It's back to singing in clubs in front of people who don't know his name.

Deacon goes on a date

Deacon takes his new puppy to the animal hospital, totally perplexed that he can't get the dog to calm down. He learns that the constant craziness is normal for a pup, and he gets that lesson from a pretty veterinarian who hates country music and has no idea who he is. He asks her out on a date. They never actually make it to the restaurant, and when Deacon says he's got the gig with Juliette to run to, the animal doc Stacey gets the hint that this is a one-time thing.

Later, Deacon has a chat with Coleman. His friend calls him "one-and-done Deacon" and accuses him of keeping his distance from women so he can always be available for Rayna. Deacon realizes he hasn't been on an actual date in a while and goes back to ask out Stacey out in front of a room full of twittering female pet owners. She agrees.

Gunnar implodes

Gunnar is clearly not up for the duo's showcase performance for Rayna's new record company, but he tells Scarlett not to cancel it. Then he proceeds to go out, get drunk, and miss the performance -- leaving Rayna and Scarlett looking stupid in front of Marshall. Rayna finally asks Scarlett to perform solo, and it's clear she's enjoying it right up to the point that she gets called away due to Maddie's concert injury.

When Scarlett gets home and confronts Gunnar, she can't stay mad at him for long because she can see he's so obviously hurting. He's especially angry because it seems the police don't care about another dead criminal, and he takes it out on Scarlett, pushing her away and telling her he doesn't want her pity.

Always determined, Scarlett runs to Deacon when she realizes Gunnar is headed to a dangerous dive bar in an attempt to find out who killed Jason. The pair cut him off before he can go inside, and Deacon shares his own experience of killing a friend in a drunk driving accident -- so he knows what it's like to feel responsible for someone's death. He tells Gunnar he can't do his brother any good by risking himself, and he should let Scarlett get him through this. Gunnar finally agrees to go back home.

Gunnar and Scarlett together again... or not

Once there, Scarlett is exhausted from how he's treated her all day, and even when he apologizes, she tells him "last night was a mistake." But neither of them can sleep, and they meet in the hallway. Scarlett tells him it wasn't pity, and Gunnar says it wasn't a mistake, and soon they're back together in his bedroom.

It looks like we finally have our favorite pair together when Scarlett gets a phone call -- she's been offered a solo career on Rayna's new label. Now she faces the same dilemma Avery did just a short time ago.

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