'Nashville' Recap: Rayna and Deacon Struggle with Their Love, Dante Proves He's Worse Than We Thought

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Wednesday night's "Nashville" episode "Take These Chains from My Heart" is chock-full of romantic revelations -- from rekindling of old desires to love expressed from unexpected sources. At the same time, Tandy, Coleman, and Dante find time for serious scheming and manipulation.

The ultimate bad boy

Juliette has gone from zero to 60 with Dante, inviting him to look at buying a house with her -- a move she's been saving for "someone special." Their insufferable PDAs and new joint dictatorship over the tour has the band grumbling, and Deacon finally gets fed up and hands in his resignation.

Jolene still has feelings for Dante, so when she warns Juliette about seeing him kiss another woman, she's, of course, perceived as jealous and unstable. Dante plants drugs on Jolene and nearly gets her shipped off to rehab again, before Juliette finally figures out what he's done. It's too late to prevent being robbed, however, as Dante jets off to parts unknown with his girlfriend, the tour's payroll, and a chunk of Juliette's bank account.

Teddy faces facts

After the bombshell about Peggy, Teddy consults with an investigator, who assures him what Tandy said was true. He confronts Peggy, who says she was merely tricked by a reporter into confirming the story about the divorce. When she lets slip that Lamar threatened her, Teddy is even more furious she kept that from him, as well. He breaks off the relationship.

He then impulsively cancels every contract for the new stadium that has anything to do with Lamar. Coleman isn't pleased, since many of those contracts were done as a favor to him, to help the communities he serves.

Lamar exchanges one daughter for the other

After he gets home from the hospital, Lamar and Rayna have a heart-to-heart. She finds out her father has been keeping a collection of photos from her life and career, even though they didn't always get along. They agree to start over and try to make their relationship better.

He chastises Tandy, however, for taking over his business like he's dead already. He's especially unhappy that she let Teddy know about Peggy's indiscretions with the press. Tandy is peeved but sets out proving he's right. She meets with Coleman to form an alliance of their own, with plans to eventually edge Lamar and Teddy out of the political picture -- for the good of the city, of course.

Torn between two lovers

Now divorced, Rayna wants to "live in the moment." She agrees to jet off to the Caribbean with Liam for a romantic weekend. Meanwhile, Deacon tries to be happy with Stacey, but she's understandably outraged when he reveals he's still "working on" getting over his ex. Rayna has second thoughts about her trip and goes to Deacon's house instead to confess that she still loves him. He's angry at her timing, but he can't resist her, and he drags her inside for a passionate night.


Avery's stint as roadie on the tour finds him face to face with a surprised Scarlett. She kindly doesn't rub in the fact that she's on her way up and he isn't. She tells him that his more low-key, humble attitude reminds her of the boy she fell in love with in the first place. He says he's trying to get back to being that guy.

Unexpected kiss

Gunnar continues his bromance with neighbor Will, as the two perform at an open mic night, and Will tries to help Gunnar find his inner stage stud. Gunnar ends up with a gal's phone number and an offer from a producer to record the song he just performed, which just happened to be one of his brother's tunes.

When Scarlett confesses to Rayna that Gunnar is her Deacon, Rayna agrees to let him try out again. Gunnar refuses, explaining that she's got her own music all figured out, and he just wants the chance to figure his out.

He commiserates later with Will, who misinterprets Gunnar's close proximity and relationship woes as an opportunity. He brashly kisses Gunnar, who is shocked and horrified, and all that sexual tension we've been feeling for weeks dissolves into a hugely awkward nightmare for an embarrassed Will.

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