'Nashville' Recap: Rayna Has a Revelation About Her Father, Juliette Puts All Her Trust in Dante

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On Wednesday night's "Nashville" episode, "My Heart Would Know," Lamar's heart attack brings his two daughters and his worst enemy together in the hospital. Dante's influence over Juliette increases to epic proportions, causing friction with Deacon, her mother, and anyone else in the way of Juliette's expanding ego.

Rayna learns the truth about her parents

When Rayna learns of her father's coma, she takes the girls back home to see him -- even though it means canceling a sold-out show that night. Her father is cold as ever when she goes in to talk to him and later drags himself out of bed to leave the hospital. When he spies Watty White out in the waiting room with Rayna, he explodes in anger, leading to a second heart attack.

Watty confesses to Rayna that he had the affair with her mother, and on the day of her car accident, she had packed her bags to leave Lamar. Rayna realizes that when she left home at 16 because of a record deal with Watty, her father's anger had more to do with her mother than her. Rayna stays by his bedside, hoping she'll get another chance to talk to him.

The show must go on

Juliette refuses to cancel the show and decides to do it herself, forcing the band to learn 10 new songs in one night. She and Deacon argue about it, and she leaves in a huff. Newly hired roadie Avery goes to her bus to search for a missing earpiece, and he inadvertently sees Juliette and Dante in a compromising position. Dante sees him and later fires him.

When Deacon learns what happened, he unfires Avery and confronts a smug Dante. He's disturbed that Juliette has told Dante all about their former relationship and has put so much trust in her mother's sober companion. After Deacon snubs Juliette on stage during a performance, she has it out with him. He's furious over her selfishness, and that she didn't cancel the show out of respect for Rayna. To him, Rayna is family.

Dante gets promoted

Frustrated with how things are going, Jolene insists that she wants to go back home with Dante. Of course, the new couple tries to talk her out of it. After Juliette sees Jolene trying to kiss Dante, she explodes. She decides to send her mother home like she wanted and to "set boundaries." Jolene will have a new apartment, new (female) sober companion, and Dante will become her manager.

Deacon visits his "family"

Deacon leaves a heartfelt voicemail for Rayna, offering his support. When he gets an emotional message back, he goes and visits her in the hospital. She's glad to see him, and they talk for awhile about her parents. As always, there's a lot more unspoken between them, but Deacon makes himself leave and go back home to see Stacey.

Scarlett's celebrations and Gunnar's wild night

Gunnar is putting on a brave face about Scarlett's record deal and wants to celebrate with her. Scarlett wants him to write songs with her again, but he's been blocked since his brother's death. The two go out with neighbor Will, who gets Scarlett up on stage and sings with her when Gunnar begs off. Scarlett finds out she has an appointment with Rayna the next day, so the boys take her home and put her to bed to sleep off her hangover.

Will suggests that they go out again, that he has something to make Gunnar embrace life again. They drive to a railroad crossing, where Will speeds across it, just narrowly missing a speeding train. Gunnar is terrified and angry, then asks if they can do it again. The adrenaline rush seems to work. The next day he's back to writing music -- even heading over to the publishing company to try some things out.

Happy that Gunnar is more like his old self, Scarlett gets herself ready and heads off to her meeting. Rayna won't be there, after all, but Scarlett's stunned and shyly pleased when she's met by Marshall and a room full of applauding staff. She's the first act signed to Rayna's new label.

The truth comes out

While Rayna is at the hospital -- there to see him wake up again after his second attack -- Tandy is taking care of her father's business. She finds out about all the calls from Peggy and digs up proof that Peggy was the one who leaked all the gossip about Teddy and Rayna's divorce to the press. She marches over to Teddy's office, shocking him with the information that his girlfriend was the one who started all the trouble.

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