'Nashville' recap: Scarlett finally tells Avery 'You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)'

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"Nashville" episode "You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)" puts two of our most shaky couples in jeopardy; with these four, an implosion was expected. This week is all about ambitious people striving for what they want, and sometimes hurting others in the process.

Teddy's behind in the polls, so Lamar and Tandy cook up an idea. They'll arrange a traffic stop for Coleman so he's late to the public signing of a "Clean Campaign" pledge. Teddy will get the spotlight and cast doubt on his opponent. Unfortunately for Coleman, he's still carrying those pills Deacon picked up from Juliette's mother, and he gets busted by the cops.

Teddy accuses Lamar of having the drugs planted, which gets him on his benefactor's bad side once again. He needs to be more worried about Coleman, however, who's now pressed by his wife to use those suggestive pictures his investigator got of Teddy and Peggy. Coleman doesn't want to ruin Rayna's marriage, but it's tough to be ethical when the other side is playing dirty.

Meanwhile, Juliette is frustrated by her PR penance, which includes attending a zoo charity event and getting photographed with animals climbing through her hair. This turns into a fake date with the "squeaky clean" rookie football star, Sean Butler (Tilky Jones), who sponsored the event. Juliette, as usual, does her best to be cruel, but Sean's no pushover, and the two actually hit it off.

Despite his insistence on not drinking or staying up too late, Juliette whisks her new boytoy off to the clubs in Miami clubs, and the two dance the night away. Unfortunately Sean gets riled by a paparazzi who's shouting obnoxious questions at Juliette, and he knocks the guy to the ground. Feeling bad about the potential PR nightmare for Sean, she buys off the photographer so the pictures that make him look drunk and violent won't appear. Touched by her generosity, Sean invites Juliette over for a safer "night in." Charmed, she agrees.

Rayna's next move for her new album is to get platinum-selling rock star Liam McGuiness on as her producer. It takes her a couple tries to convince him she's more than just "moms and SUVs" with her music, but he finally invites her into his home studio. Several drinks later and she's recording some ethereal, modern crossover music that even her record exec Marshall likes. He's less happy that she strongarms him into accepting a rebel rocker into the project, but Rayna is determined.

At his next gig, Avery tries to impress the guy who books opening acts for touring bands but gets wooed by manager Marilyn Rhodes instead. He asks Deacon for advice, and Scarlett's uncle tells him to steer clear of Marilyn and he'll put in a good word for the guys instead. He then finds Marilyn and tells her to stay away from Avery, and she smugly tells him she could have done better for him than "standing behind Rayna."

Avery doesn't get the opening act job, so he sets up a late night meeting with the obviously powerful Marilyn at her house. A supportive Scarlett confronts Deacon about trying to prevent Avery from getting a manager, but he tells her that Marilyn only represents clients she sleeps with. She rushes back home in time to meet Avery, and he truthfully tells her he didn't go all the way with Marilyn -- but it's clear to Scarlett that he had intended to give it a try.

Scarlett packs her bags and goes over to stay at Deacon's. She says she always knew about Avery's ambition, and now she know it's more important to him than she is. Now that he's ruined things with Scarlett, Avery decides there's no harm in going back to Marilyn's house to finish what they started.

What do you think, "Nashville" fans? Is Scarlett truly done with Avery or will the dysfunctional couple try to make it work again? Will Rayna believe Teddy had an affair?

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