Nat Geo's ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: Season 2's most memorable moments

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"The Incredible Dr. Pol" showcases the talents of Dr. Jan Pol, a highly respected Michigan-based veterinarian. Dr. Pol visits farms to treat animals of all sizes, including horses, cows, goats, and more. He also treats domestic animals in his practice. In Season 2, Dr. Pol and his team (Dr. Brenda and his son, Charles) had several memorable encounters. Here are the top five moments from Season 2.

Examining the alpaca

An experienced veterinarian, Dr. Pol is pretty fearless. After decades of professional practice, he still puts on gloves and sticks his arm in all sorts of unsavory locations of animals' anatomies. In Season 2, Dr. Pol examines an alpaca, a llama-like creature (though more docile) treasured for its valuable wool. The alpaca's owner and Dr. Pol's staff watch on as Dr. Pol uses various tools on the male alpaca, who, Dr. Pol assures audiences in the Christmas recap special, "will certainly remember me."

Seeking shelter from the storm

Michigan is known for its quickly changing weather, and over the course of the year, the state usually experiences multiple tornadoes. In Season 2, the clinic is located a tornado warning zone.

A siren starts sounding while large dog Duke is being examined. Because Duke is too big to carry, Dr. Pol sedates him and leaves him in a safe location on the floor upstairs. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda ushers the clinic's staff and patients into the basement, where they wait out the hail-producing storm.

Removing a lump from a Dachshund

A pet Dachshund has a large mass in its chest. Dr. Pol sedates the small dog. With speed and precision, he makes a surgical incision and removes the tumor. This provides viewers with a perspective on the vet's skill, and a look at how such a tumor appears before and after it is removed. Charles comments that it looks like "a silicone implant," which his father finds most amusing.

Charles faces his fear

Everyone can relate to fears -- especially ones resulting from accidents and negative experiences. Charles explains that his fear of horses exists due to an accident that occurred when he was 12. In Season 2, he faces his fear by befriending a horse and discussing his negative experience. After he mounts the horse, his instructor advises him to "breathe, because right now, you're not."

Twin calves are born

While her owners are out of town, a cow goes into labor. Dr. Brenda is called to the scene by the owners' neighbors to deliver the calf -- but she discovers the cow is pregnant with twins. She explains that when there are two calves, usually at least one does not live. However, Dr. Brenda delivers both calves successfully with no harm to either calf or the mother.
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