NBC comedy delay -- good news or bad?

'Community' and 'Whitney' get delayed season premieres

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NBC comedy delay -- good news or bad?

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Fans of "Community" and "Whitney" will have to be patient. NBC, the ever-struggling network, has decided to postpone the original Oct. 19 premiere date for these two half-hour comedies. With a recent batch of successful premieres, NBC is going into high gear trying to capitalize on their returning stride. While the network claims this choice is to better promote and help ensure the success of these shows, fans and haters alike will no doubt start debating whether this decision is a case of leaving strong hitters in the bullpen or a hint that these shows may be sent packing. Is the recent schedule change good news or bad for the future of these two sitcoms?

NBC certainly wants you to believe that the shuffling of "Community" and "Whitney" is nothing but good news. The network points to their recent success with comedies like "Go On" and "The New Normal" as the start of a trend. NBC claimed the prize of a successful premiere week, topping the national networks for the first time since 2003. According to executives, the choice to delay "Community" and "Whitney" -- two shows with mediocre ratings but loyal fan bases -- is to allow them time for better marketing campaigns and the chance to find the exact time slot best suited amid the new batch of winning shows.

The delay in premieres could be the kiss of death for two shows that just have not quite taken hold. With the freshman shows shining bright, and the final seasons of "The Office" and "30 Rock" leaving important slots to fill next year, the shuffling of fringe shows like "Community" and "Whitney" may suggest the network is simply looking for an empty slot to air what has already been produced before axing the two shows in favor of other new concepts that can keep up with the likes of Ryan Murphy's latest hit and a Matthew Perry vehicle that seems to be soaring.

Amid the new successful comedies, the high-concept drama "Revolution" and the continuing stride of "The Voice," NBC may be preparing to raise the bar and make room for better pilots in the next season.

There are many viewers who would call both "Community" and "Whitney" acquired tastes. Neither has had the success that the peacock network would like, but they have loyal and vocal fans. Those fans will be the loudest about the network's decision to delay the shows' newest seasons and do all they can to assure that they return to air. Joel McHale and Whitney Cummings haters will cheer at what they hope is the beginning of the end -- a subtle but sly way for the networks to eventually dump these two struggling shows.

With news of the delayed premieres, it is anyone's guess whether the shows will benefit from the shuffle or get lost in the newly successful mix. Sound off below on what you think is the fate of the now unknown returns of "Community" and "Whitney."

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