'NCIS': Abby Discovers a Brother and a Few Other Personal Mysteries

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"NCIS" viewers learned this past summer that Goth forensic techie Abby was going to meet her brother. It happened in the episode "Enemy on the Hill," and left the door wide open for many heart-tugging plot twists to come. The discovery of that family tie was a complication in itself. As with all "NCIS " episodes, the personal was intermingled with the reality of crime drama on the street.

A hit man got hit

Paul Arliss was a pretty nerdy character, not hit man-like at all. He was snapping pictures of a ZNN news lady doing street interviews about military spending when she turned the camera on him. It made sense that a hit man wouldn't want to be captured on film, but he freaked out and ran into the street. Even a 2-year-old knows what happens when you run into traffic: You get hit by a car. That's exactly what happened, and that's how the "NCIS" team got involved.

Abby was distracted by a kidney

Abby's a big-hearted good deed doer and lover of all beings, human or otherwise. Naturally when confronted with a young man in need of a kidney, Abby rose to the call. She was a match, but like Ducky said, "donating a kidney is not a decision to be taken lightly." That was true, Of course it was "NCIS," so it got even more complicated than that. Not only was she a good match for the patient, but according to the transplant coordinator, so was her brother. Abby's brother, Luca, knew nothing about the young man and his kidney problem. That left her with a big mystery to solve. The mitochondrial sample she and the stranger/brother gave revealed them as a complete mother/father match. She couldn't understand why her parents would give up a child for adoption and not tell them. Old aunt Gert was no help. She thought Abby was still a high school cheerleader.

The hit man

Paul Arliss was really the "Cooler," a hit man on the FBI most-wanted list. He flatlined before DiNozzo and McGee could interview him at the hospital. His wife was no help. She thought her husband was a furniture salesman who traveled on business. His money records showed wire transfers from a man named Kaplan. Kaplan's address was an obviously unoccupied, furnished apartment. The landlady, a turkey vulture (20 years past a cougar) according to DiNozzo, always received timely rent from Kaplan's business manager, Drew Turner. Turner, a CPA, was all mixed up in the Kaplan/Arliss/Brett situation, but she denied everything.

The hit man's target

The "NCIS" team figured out Arliss' probable target was Lt. Commander Geoffrey Brett, a legislative fellow to the House Armed Services Committee. In addition to his military pay, Brett got kickbacks for pushing through shipping projects for manufacturers. With Drew Turner's help, he set up Kaplan as a fake middle man to receive kickbacks. Drew was kicking back some of Brett's money to herself to take care of a little offshore gambling problem. She also kicked a little cash to the hit man using Kaplan's name. Poor Brett, he was just a nice guy in a bad place, all caught up in illegal activities. He did it all for his developmentally disabled daughter. Ziva knew something was amiss when he refused her protection and ultimately ditched her. He realized Drew Turner hired the hit man to kill him, so he had to get away to kill her first. He faked her death as a suicide by hanging. As always, the "NCIS" team figured it out and brought him down.

And Abby's new brother

When you work in one of the nation's crack crime labs, it's easy to get the information you need. McGee tracked down Al Davis, the man who matched Abby's DNA. Gibbs passed the info on to Abby with the caution, "...are you sure you want to open that doo?" Abby went alone to the pet shop where her brother worked. He noticed her watching him through the window and came out to carrying a cute little puppy. "You sure look familiar," he told her. The resemblance was striking. The rapport was instant. Abby knew he was her brother, but she didn't tell him. He was the one chosen to give a kidney and she didn't want to add to his stress.

Abby was stunned that her parents would give her brother up for adoption. She figured that's the only way it could have happened. But as a forensic scientist, she needed more evidence. She did a DNA test on the strand of her mother's hair she kept in a locket. When it didn't match, Abby realized she was the one who was adopted. As the show ended, she was still trying to figure it out. Why did her mother never tell her?

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