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Could Anyone Replace Gibbs

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We've seen several changes to the "NCIS" team throughout the show's run. However, the team leader has always remained Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Tony became interim leader when Gibbs considered retirement, but this was very short lived. Thanks to his excellent leadership ability, Tony was offered his own team, which later went to new agent E.J. Barrett. If another "NCIS" character were to have their own team, who would be the best leader? Let's find out.

Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo

Tony DiNozzo is the oldest member of the team, not including the current leader. He's had the most experience as an "NCIS" agent. Ziva and Tim both look to him when Gibbs isn't around. Tony has an excellent eye for detail. His experience on two solo missions has also hardened him quite a bit. Tony now knows the price one has to pay for the job. Maintaining an outside life is nearly impossible. Since he's not particularly close to his family, he has little problem taking necessary risks to solve a case. He's also innovative in his approach. The only problem - he still relies too much on Gibbs. If Gibbs weren't around, maybe he'd be able to truly step up to the plate.

Ziva David

Ziva David is the youngest member of the "NCIS" team, just receiving her full agent status in Season 9. As a former Mossad agent, she has had ample field experience. She's far more cut throat than Tony or the other members would ever be. She has learned much about the emotional side of the job, but never hesitates when it comes to taking out a bad guy. Ziva always knows when something isn't quite right with one of the team and doesn't stop until she finds out what it is. Her investigative skills aren't as great as Tony or Gibbs, but she's learning fast. She could easily handle her own team, especially with a little guidance in the beginning.

Timothy McGee and Abby Sciuto

Timothy McGee came on board short early on in Season 1. It took him several seasons to become sure of himself as an agent. The McGee we see today is extremely different than the one we were first introduced to. However, McGee doesn't see people quite the way Ziva or Tony do. With a computer, he sees everything clearly. Put in face to face with someone and he may miss something vital to a case.

Maybe if he was paired with our resident lab geek Abby Sciuto, he'd do better. Abby notices people's expressions and is much more self assured than McGee. She isn't hard enough to handle field work, but pair the two and we might just have a great leader. Neither alone have the qualities it would take to successfully lead their own team.

Donald "Ducky" Mallard

Though not a member of the actual "NCIS" team, he does work closely as the team's medical examiner. Ducky Mallard has helped Gibbs solve more than one case. His extreme attention to detail as a medical examiner would be incredibly helpful in the field. We've also seen how cold he can be when someone he loves is in danger. Ducky would willingly put himself in the line of fire to save someone else. His medical training would help him in tight situations should anyone get hurt. Ducky also understands how the mind works and could help determine if someone is lying or not. His authoritative attitude would help keep a team in line as well. Though he may be a bit old for the job, his skills qualify him to be an amazing "NCIS" team leader.

Each "NCIS" character brings their own strengths to the team and show. Separate, they are just not as strong. Together, they are unbeatable.

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