'NCIS: LA': Does Kensi Love Deeks?

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Recent "NCIS: Los Angeles" plots have revealed personal love connections never shown before. The episode "The Debt" was Special Agent Kensi Blye's turn to let her soft side show. The series previously took viewers to the heart of things with a sneak peek at Eric and Nell's flirtation. They showed that Sam had a wife tucked away at home. Now Kensi has revealed that she has a love thing for Deeks. Wasn't it obvious from the very beginning? Now that it's out there, will they move beyond the romantic tension and remain partners?

Kensi didn't actually use the L word

No she didn't, but only because Deeks wouldn't let her get that far. When he got fired for killing an unarmed man, it sent Kensi into an emotional funk. Except Deeks didn't actually kill anyone and he didn't actually get fired. He was pulling an undercover fake to dig out an LAPD mole, but Kensi didn't know that. Her anguish over losing him was the real thing. It brought out hidden emotions. She didn't use the L word, but she did say "I'm here for you." She wanted to say more, but Deeks said, "we were what we were." So what did that mean? It meant that he didn't want Kensi to get all emotional on him.

A long-time crush

So Kensi loves Deeks? Maybe, maybe not, but the tension between them was always an obvious sign of something. They never said the L word, but it came out in other ways. They acted like adolescents in a crush. They argued, blamed each other for mistakes, and fought over the tiniest issues. Their bickering was a part of their everyday lives as partners, still they knew they could count on each other no matter what.

Trying to fix the problem

When Lauren Hunter was in charge, she made Deeks and Kensi switch partners with Sam and Callen. She wanted to see if they would work better apart but they just wanted to be together. Hetty once tried her hand at straightening out all that on the job tension. She forced Deeks and Kensi into waltzing lessons to teach them to work "harmoniously." Those were creative attempts at fixing the Deeks/Kensi problem, but it had nothing to do with harmony.

To love or not to love

Deeks took care of the LAPD mole. It was time to get back to business as usual but things had changed. Hetty knew the whole Deeks and Kensi story. She knew they couldn't remain partners with all that emotional baggage between them. So what happens next? If Kensi admits she loves Deeks, that's it for the two of them as partners. If she denies her feelings, she can stay his partner but she'll have to live with the results. Either way, things are destined to change.

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