'NCIS': Is it Time for a Ziva/Tony Romance?

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Star-crossed TV lovers rarely find happiness together before the final scenes of the final episode of a series. They go back and forth, in and out, and around and around for seasons. Like a ballet, they come together, then dance away. Is that what Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David are doing? As "NCIS" agents they're thrown together so often there was bound to be a little sexual tension. Will that tension turn to romance any time soon? Or ever?

Tony and Ziva Lovers?

If the Tony/Ziva question came up even a few weeks ago, the answer would have been a definite never. Tony was reminiscent over his stream of exes. Former fiance, Wendy, invited him for a holiday rendezvous. E.J. Barrett walked away from their fling, but the heat had yet to cool.

At first Ziva wasn't into Tony at all, but he was so cute and so funny and always around. She couldn't avoid him, so they became friends. They came close to kissing a few times, but just when they seemed destined for romance, Ziva revealed Ray, her elusive CIA voice on the phone. Ray's phone calls transformed Ziva into a giggling girly girl. When he showed up in the flesh, he wined her and dined her; but he also had a habit of disappearing at the drop of a hat.

Things change

Tony missed out on his former lover's holiday redo. "Something came up," he said. E.J. resurfaced as well. She'd been obsessed with finding Agent Cade's killer. While getting help from a military friend, she became the mysterious woman riding shotgun when he was murdered behind the wheel. "NCIS" was assigned to the case, and that brought the two ex-lovers together for a moment. Then she was gone.

Ziva's love life took a turn for the complicated as well. Ray showed up after a broken date and eight weeks without a single word. Ziva wouldn't take his calls at first, but he came bearing an engagement ring, so what could she do? Diamonds are the perfect "I'm sorry" gift, and Ziva was working her way to "yes, I will" when Tony called. CIA Ray was the killer they'd been looking for. It was CIA hit, but he'd shot a lady officer by mistake. He cleaned up his mess, dumped the body in a vacant apartment and went after the guy he should have killed in the first place. Ziva decided he wasn't husband material, so now she's free as well.

So what's next for Tony and Ziva?

In just a few episodes, Tony cleared away his past romantic entanglements. Coincidentally, Ziva did, too. Will they finally say yes to romance? The best guess is yes. And it's about time.



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