'NCIS' -- Top 10 Leroy Jethro Gibbs Quotes

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The head and almost parental figure of the team on the hit show "NCIS" is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. His lines are typically delivered with a straight face and less than patient attitude. However, many of his lines are classics, especially for the situations they apply to. See if your top Gibbs quote made the list of top 10 quotes for Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Number 10: "Bounce" - Your Case

After Gibbs returns from Mexico to rejoin the team, Tony finds himself being called the boss by Gibbs, since Tony was the original leader for the case.

Tony: "I know. Why'd he come back?"

Gibbs: "It's a good questions. Boss?"

Tony: "Boss?!"

Gibbs: "Was your case wasn't it?"

Tony: "Yeah. You're not going back to Mexico, are you?"

Gibbs: "Your case, your lead."

Tony: "Really?"

Gibbs: "Yeah. I think it's even a rule."

Number 9: "Silent Night" - Reflection

While looking at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, Gibbs comments on how looking at the names elicits a strong reaction from himself.

"No matter how many times I come here, it still gets to me. You look at a name, and you have to look at a reflection of yourself. You are among the fallen."

Number 8: "Eye Spy" - Wife

Kate learns a little about Gibbs's second wife while on a case.

Kate: "You know, I bet this is why Number Two came after you with a nine iron, wasn't it? You just refused to sit down and talk things through .

Gibbs: "Actually that wasn't it at all."

Kate: "Oh. So what was it then?"

Gibbs: "Seven iron."

Number 7: "Seadog" - Principal

While watching Kate and Tony fight, Gibbs feels like he's the high school principal.

"Why do I feel like a high school principal?"

Number 6: "Silver War" - Driving

When Ziva begins at NCIS, her driving scares the team just a little.

Jenny: "She seems to be fitting in well."

Gibbs: "She almost killed my entire team yesterday."

Jenny: "How?"

Gibbs: "Driving home from a crime scene."

Number 5: "Eye Spy" - Shrinkage

When Tony takes a wave for the team, Kate wants to know what's wrong with him.

Kate: "Are you okay? What is it?"

Gibbs: "Shrinkage."

Number 4: "The Truth is Out There" - Fetishes

Abby wants to know if Gibbs has any fetishes after their victim is found wearing latex bondage gear.

Abby: "So, what about you Gibbs? You got any fetishes?"

Gibbs: "I have three ex-wives. I don't have time for fetishes."

Number 3: "Recruited" - The Wheels on the Bus

When Gibbs enters to tell the team to get their gear together, Tony starts singing. Instead of a slap to the back of the head, Gibbs joins in.

Gibbs: "Come on, grab your gear. Don't wanna miss the school bus."

Tony: "Class trip, boss?

Gibbs: "Got a dead petty officer in a high school stairwell. Janitor found him this morning."

Tony: Starts singing "The Wheels on the Bus"

Gibbs: "round and round, round and round, round and round."

Number 2: "False Witness" - Facebook

As always, Gibbs isn't exactly up on the latest tech and social network trends.

"Facebook. That's that thing that some people...do stuff with?"

Number 1: "Smoked" - Grabby

While arguing over a book, Gibbs has to break up Ziva and Tony.

Gibbs: "You two done playing grab-ass?"

Ziva: "Oh, he started it."

Gibbs: "I'm ending it. (He grabs Tony's Deep Six copy) Next person who mentions this book will be deep-sixed by me!"




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