'The Neighbors' episode 1.05 recap: The aliens celebrate 'Halloween-ween'

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The latest episode of "The Neighbors" focused on Halloween. For a show that features aliens, Halloween seems like the perfect holiday for the show. But in an interesting twist, it turns out that the aliens are terrified of the holiday. Once again, the Weavers sense a perfect opportunity to teach their neighbors a little something about human culture. Sadly for them, they also learn a lesson about how their own kid are getting older. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Halloween-ween."

The opening

The Weavers are scouting the surrounding neighborhoods in order to see which houses would be prime trick-or-treating targets. When they arrive back in their community, they are surprised to see that all of the neighbors are taking major security measures. This includes boarding up windows and securing the gates. It turns out that the aliens don't fully understand Halloween and view it as an invasion. This upsets the Weavers, who love the holiday.

Explaining Halloween

Naturally, the Weavers must explain the holiday to Larry and Jackie. They invite them into their home, which is fully decorated. Marty and Debbie inform them about how the day works, and also explain costumes to them. Larry and Jackie understand but are reluctant to change their ways. It turns out that Larry is proud of the fact that he protects his people from the "invasion."

At school, the Weaver kids are starting to learn more about Halloween from the local kids. This means that all of them are making changes that don't thrill Marty and Debbie. Max no longer wants to do a buddy costume with his dad, and Abby wants to go to the doors without her parents. Meanwhile, Amber wants to ditch her political costume in favor of a sexy nurse outfit. The Weavers are crushed, but Jackie is happy. The Weavers now have the time to teach her about Halloween.

Halloween arrives

It's Halloween, and Jackie is excited. Of course, her family still has a lot to learn when it comes to costumes. Dick dresses up as Debbie, and Reggie wears a slutty nurse costume to join Amber. As the night goes on, the gates to the community open after a stern warning from Larry. As the kids run in with their costumes, all of the aliens become frightened. They hide in Larry's house, who is happy that he can protect them once again. A frustrated Jackie reassures her husband by saying that he protects the community every day and that Larry should be a better leader by teaching them about Halloween. He does this by opening the door for one kid and slowly giving her a piece of candy.

Meanwhile, trick-or-treating doesn't turn out to be thrilling for the Weavers. Dick carries around a Marty puppet and makes light of the bickering that the Weavers do. Max goes off with some other kids, and Abby has no issues going to doors by herself. Things get a little better when all three kids eventually need them again. Abby is running a candy scheme, Max feels nervous about another little girl that likes him, and Amber says she has too much pride to dress like a slutty nurse. The reasons might not be what they wanted, but the Weavers are happy to have the kids back on their side.

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