'The Neighbors' episode 1.08 recap: Thanksgiving breeds fighting

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The first Thanksgiving episode of "The Neighbors" was a huge success. As you might expect, the idea of hosting a large family dinner with the addition of the Bird-Kersees can only lead to disaster. However, this episode was more about the craziness that comes with spending time with extended families than anything else. This episode did a nice job of showing that both humans and aliens can be a little loopy. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Thanksgiving is for the Bird-Kersees."

The opening

It's Thanksgiving, and Debbie is nervous about spending the holiday with Marty's family. It seems his dad is pretty critical, but Marty is excited because he has the house to show off. As they talk, Larry arrives to tell the Weavers about Jackie's depression. He explains that she is down for a variety of reasons, including being apart from her sisters. It turns out that Larry exiled them for trying to overthrow him years earlier.

Planning the holiday

After seeing his family argue over the stress of his parents, Marty suggests that they not invite them. Both he Debbie are thrilled at the idea of spending the holiday with just the kids, so everything looks good. However, Marty's call to his parents doesn't go well. His dad thinks that Marty is canceling because the house is too small, and he even offers to bring chairs. Rather than try and convince his dad, he ends up inviting them. Meanwhile, Debbie invites Jackie and her family after seeing how down she is about her sisters. Naturally, both of the Weavers are surprised by the additional guests. Things get even more bizarre when Reggie and Dick appease their mother by retrieving her exiled sisters for dinner. After all, they believe that Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together.

Thanksgiving at the Weavers

Marty's parents arrive and are immediately critical. His dad points out flaws in the house, while his mom immediately insults Debbie and Amber. The Bird-Kersees come over, as well, and it doesn't take long for them to come off as weird. However, Marty's dad strangely relates to Larry. Jackie's sisters arrive soon after, and one of them has taken the form of an elderly man. An angered Larry takes his whole clan to the bedroom, where he expresses his concerns about being overthrown again. Jackie stands up to him and says that her sisters are staying. Meanwhile, things get out of control downstairs. Marty and Debbie eventually blow up at his parents, and his mom says that she will wait in the car. Meanwhile, Jackie is upset that Larry refuses to let her spend time with her sisters.

Hoping to save the holiday, Reggie and Dick take action. Debbie doesn't help matters when she explains the horrors of Thanksgiving, but that doesn't stop them. Dick visits Marty's mom and tells her that she should be easier on Debbie. He says that it's time to change the trend of mother-in-laws being difficult. Marty's mom returns to dinner and shocks everyone when she compliments Debbie's turkey. That prompts Debbie's sisters to apologize to Larry, and they admit that they didn't think he was good enough for Jackie. However, Marty's dad insults him again by telling a story about how he struck out in tee ball. Marty leaves the table in anger.

As everyone leaves, fences continue to mend. Debbie and Marty's mom part ways in a civil manner. Meanwhile, Larry releases Jackie's sisters from exile. Of course, that doesn't mean that they won't try and overthrow him. Finally, Marty gets to bond with his dad. He tells Marty that he told the tee ball story because it makes him proud of his son for not quitting. He also says that he's proud of all he has done, and loves the new house. At the end, both Reggie and Dick are happy that they saved Thanksgiving.

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