'The Neighbors' episode 1.09: The aliens take on Christmas

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So far, the aliens on "The Neighbors" have managed to spoil both Halloween and Thanksgiving for the Weavers. This time, it was Christmas that became an issue. Not surprisingly, the aliens managed to botch this holiday worse than the others. As far as Christmas episodes go, "The Neighbors" did a great job of giving viewers something they hadn't seen before. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Merry Crap-mas."

It's Christmas Day, and the Weaver kids aren't too happy. There are no presents, no trees, and no Christmas spirit. Marty and Debbie tell the kids that they will make the best of things, and they head downstairs to see all of the aliens in full holiday attire. With that, the episode flashes back to four days earlier. The Weavers have tons of gifts for the kids, and they want to hide them with Larry and Jackie. Not surprisingly, Larry isn't thrilled about the holiday. He feels it's too commercialized, and he even compares Santa Claus to a cat burglar.

As the Weavers decorate the house, Debbie begins to wonder if Larry is right about the holiday becoming too commercialized. After each of their kids gives them attitude about their gifts, the Weavers decide to make a change. They agree to return all of the gifts and organize a family vacation instead. They tell the kids about the news, and they aren't pleased with the idea of not getting presents. After the discussion, the Weavers realize just how spoiled their kids have become.

Meanwhile, Larry continues his rant about holiday gifts. However, he's intrigued about a particularly odd-shaped box. The mystery gets to him, and he tears off a little piece of paper. After he opens up the gift, he and his family begin to smile. They tear open the all of the packages, and Larry finds his Christmas spirit. He's even watching Christmas specials with his family and is especially fond of The Muppets. Of course, he's still wondering about Santa.

He can't understand how he can travel around the world and deliver gifts to everyone. Later, The Weavers learn just how big Larry's Christmas spirit has become when they head over to his house to pick up the gifts. On the way there, they see all of the neighbors playing with the presents. Larry has given all of the gifts away, and the Weavers aren't happy. Not only have they lost their presents, but they lost their trip, as well. Debbie and Marty share their disgust, and Jackie immediately feels bad.

Jackie sits down with Debbie to apologize, and Debbie tells her that she misses how her kids used to love the holiday. Meanwhile, Abby gets through to Larry by telling him that Christmas is about family. She says that Santa will make everything better, and Larry realizes how sweet the little girl is. He decides to make Christmas right and rallies all of the neighbors to help. The episode flashes back to the beginning, where the Weavers see all of the aliens in their holiday clothing singing Christmas carols. There are island dancers, as well. Jackie explains that they wanted to bring Hawaii to the Weavers since they couldn't go. To top things off, Larry dresses as Santa and returns the gifts. The Weavers end up with a crazy fun holiday after all.

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