'The Neighbors' recap: The aliens meet the friends

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In its third episode, "The Neighbors" finally decided to bring other humans into the mix. Desperate for human contact, the Weavers decide to have some friends over. Fans of this show had to be wondering what it would be like when other humans met the alien neighbors, and it turned out to be incredibly funny. Hopefully, this will be the first of many encounters between the aliens and the human population. Here is a recap of the " Things Just Got Real."

The opening

After a recap of how the Weavers arrived in the alien community, the third episode picks up with Debbie relaxing on a lounge chair. Jackie interrupts her relaxation time when she climbs over the fence. She's hoping to start some gossip and lists a bunch of stories about people that Debbie doesn't know. Meanwhile, Larry is teaching his son how to wash the spaceship. However, Reggie is more interested in watching Marty change the oil in his car. A jealous Larry ends up burning Marty with oil, leading the Weavers to conclude that they need to spend more time with humans.

The Weaver's party

In their effort to hang out with humans, Marty and Debbie organize an event with some of their old friends at their new home. However, the Weavers need to find a polite way to keep Larry and Jackie away. It turns out that when Larry feels rejection, the whole community feels the pain. Marty and Debbie make up a white lie in order to keep the aliens away, but it doesn't work. Jackie believes that Debbie still wants her there but is worried that she won't fit in. In order to do that, Jackie does some research by watching a reality show about housewives. Jackie shows up to the Weaver's party in a trashy gold dress, while Larry shows up to dominate the men at poker.

Larry and Jackie cause trouble again

The men and women separate, and the aliens quickly cause trouble. Larry asks a series of bizarre questions of the men at a poker game, but it turns emotional when he makes Reggie pay tribute to him. That leads to the guys sharing various stories about their dads and spoils the fun for Marty.

Meanwhile, Jackie causes a battle between the women when she suggests that one of them has a crush on another's husband. She is in full "housewife" mode, and it doesn't take long for the women to explode at each other. An upset Debbie reveals that this is why she didn't want Jackie to come and that her feelings are hurt. Larry's feelings also get hurt, but that comes from Reggie. He tells his dad that he hates him because he refuses to adapt to their new culture.

When things calm down, a drunken Debbie has an emotional heart-to-heart with Jackie in the bathroom. She politely explains her need to spend time with humans, and Jackie understands. Jackie also cheers Debbie up by pointing out that her friends are jealous of her, and it's clear that their friendship is strong. Back at home, Marty comforts Larry after it is revealed that Larry fears his children won't remember their home. Marty tells him it's important to hold on to culture, but that you have to adapt, as well. Larry agrees and ends up stealing the TV from the Weaver house. He shares a special moment with Reggie, and everyone in the community rejoices.

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