'The Neighbors' recap: Drama at school causes drama between parents

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On the latest episode of "The Neighbors," the kids all started school. With the aliens in attendance, there was drama in both high school and elementary school. Of course, that was nothing compared to the drama between the neighbors. Debbie and Marty get into a parenting war with Larry and Jackie, leading to the first real tension between the new friends. That was the main theme of the episode, and it worked brilliantly. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Bathroom Etiquette."

The opening

The Weavers arrive home from the grocery store to find Max preparing Dick for his first day of school. This includes putting his head in the toilet in order to get him ready for potential bullying. Larry and Jackie approve of this since they want Dick to adapt to school as quickly as possible. Max agrees to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Larry and Jackie are curious about the Weaver family bathroom. It turns out that they keep their bathroom as a greenhouse.

The start of school

The Weavers arrive next door to see Dick and Reggie getting ready for school. Debbie, who is acting like Oprah in the sense that she can tell her neighbors how to live, advises Dick to not let the bullies bother him. She also provides some fashion advice to Reggie, but it turns out that Debbie isn't the expert in anything. Her own daughter Amber has a pimple on the first day of school, and that leads to some typical teenage drama. Clearly, Debbie doesn't know what to do with her own daughter; however, that's not stopping her from providing parenting advice to Larry and Jackie. Unfortunately, they are growing increasingly annoyed at the advice. To make things more complicated, Dick actually punches Max in the classroom. This not only asserts his dominance, but makes Max the weak kid in school.

The Weavers lose ground

After the fight at school, everyone meets at the principal's office. Larry not only seems happy that Dick beat up Max, but also that the Weavers aren't as smart as they think they are. Larry views the incident as a victory, and he and Jackie call out the Weavers on their poor parenting. The two couples have a war of words in the street, with the rest of the neighbors cheering them on.

Later on, the parents are back in the principal's office following a second incident at school. This time, Dick tried to protect Max by revealing his alien form. The principal accuses Larry and Jackie of being bad parents, but the Weavers defend them. Debbie admits that some of their advice might have gotten lost in translation. Eventually, the two couples reach an understanding when it comes to advice.

The drama at high school

While all of this is going on, Amber is trying to find a new way to fit into high school. Unfortunately, her pimple is making it difficult for her to network with the popular kids. She tells Reggie that in her old school, she would make up a celebrity relationship or make fun of her real friends in front of the popular kids. Reggie uses this advice to make Amber look good. He stages a hallway argument with her, where he mentions that she broke his heart in favor of Alan Alda. The strategy works, and Amber gets asked out by the most popular kid in school.
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