'Up All Night' episode 2.06 recap: Insecurities take over Halloween

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On the most recent episode of "Up All Night," the main characters struggled with insecurities. Reagan is feeling old, Chris is obsessed with filming Amy, and Ava is the scorn of her neighborhood. All three make serious efforts to address those problems, but the results are mixed. The clever thing about this episode is the way they go about fixing their issues. Reagan seeks confidence through dental surgery, Chris feels better by filming random kids, and Ava makes the most epic haunted house you can image. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Ma'am'd."

Reagan's fading charm

After an embarrassing experience at a coffee house, Reagan starts to believe that she is losing her youthful charm. It doesn't help when she tries to seduce Chris by wearing his old jersey, but can't distract his attention from editing videos on his computer. After admitting that she feels like an old hag to Ava, Reagan gets the big boost she needs during her trip to the dentist. The dentist praises her smile, and says that smiles like that are the reason he got into the business. Reagan is so happy with the flattering remarks that she voluntarily moves up surgery on her wisdom teeth. However, Chris drains her confidence once again when he laughs at how nerdy the dentist is. Just when she starts to feel depressed, she sees video of Chris checking out her butt. This gives Reagan a much needed smile.

Chris's week without video

When she realizes that her husband is obsessed with filming Amy, she challenges him to enjoy life by not taking any videos for a week. Chris visits the pumpkin patch with Amy but is crushed that he can't take any pictures. When Scott takes Amy into a maze, Chris starts to think that he can film other things. After filming another guy's kid, Chris ends up getting into an argument with him. Chris eventually makes a video package for his wife that showcases how beautiful she is. Not only does he make Reagan happy, but he proves that he can capture moments that don't involve Amy.

Ava's haunted house

After Ava's former assistant Walter informs her that one of her neighbors has the wi-fi name "FuAva," she starts to realize that her neighbors don't like her. She shows up at a neighborhood meeting, where she learns just how much they really hate her. They criticize everything from her driving to her garbage can habits. In order to win them over, she volunteers to host the neighborhood haunted house. Walter helps her decorate, and she starts to win over some of the neighbors. However, Ava's haunted house proves to be too scary.

The gory display includes a tortured Elmo and a screening of the movie "Saw," and the neighbors become outraged. The only neighbor that actually likes the house is the same man that had the "FuAva" name to begin with. This makes her feel a little happy despite the disastrous event.

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