'Up All Night' episode 2.09 recap: Chris and Reagan keep secrets

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On "Up All Night," fans finally got a little taste of Chris and Scott's business. There hasn't been a lot of focus on it since the first episode of the season, but it seems that the two are really committed to the idea. Of course, making money is proving to be harder than they thought. That prompts Chris to pick up a nasty habit. Meanwhile, Ava tries to make an impression on some fans, and Reagan hides a friendship with Scott's ex-wife. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "I Can't Quit You."

Chris struggles with business

Chris is stressed out about his new business, particularly the lack of revenue. To make matters worse, Scott's father-in-law Chuck is trying to bid against them for important jobs. Feeling increasingly stressed, Chris finds that inhaling second-hand smoke is taking the edge off. Scott warns him that that's a slippery slope, and he is right to a degree. Chris starts to smoke and eventually buys a pack of cigarettes for himself. Things get progressively worse when Chuck continues to take their work. He tries to hide his smoking, but Amy sees him light up. Feeling guilty, he tells his little girl that he's done smoking.

Ava tries to make an impact on others

Reagan tells Ava that a woman who won a backstage tour with Ava is coming to town and says that she will find a way to get rid of her. However, Ava wants to spend time with the woman and her family. Since her show was canceled, she misses making an impression on the lives of others. Ava takes the woman, her husband, and her son around the town. However, her guests are miserable about the whole experience, and they eventually sneak away. A depressed Ava realizes that she gets too caught up in herself and decides to visit them at their hotel. She asks for another chance and tells them that she will do whatever they want. As it turns out, Ava does make an impression on them. After she gives some words of wisdom, the family starts to fall apart. The husband asks for a divorce, the wife admits to being a lesbian, and the son decides to pursue acting.

Reagan bonds with Scott's ex-wife

Scott's ex-wife Connie is coming to the Brinkley home, and Reagan used to be good friends with her. She says that she is firmly behind Scott, but it's clear that she misses her friend. Reagan decides to attend a dance class with Connie, and the two connect again. Of course, it's a tricky situation for Reagan since she has to keep the rekindled friendship a secret. Chris eventually finds out, and suspects that Connie is helping her dad out-bid them for work. Reagan confronts Connie about it but finds out that Scott was accidentally emailing Chuck about the jobs instead of Chris.
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