'Up All Night' episode 2.10 and 2.11 recaps: Memories of the past and in the making

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There was a double-dip of "Up All Night" on Dec. 13. The evening featured two episodes, including one that flashed back to Chris and Reagan's wedding. These are the last two episodes before the show returns in the spring with a new format. The next time that "Up All Night" is on, it will feature a live audience and a multi-cam format. Fortunately, these two episodes left fans with reason to be excited about the future of the show. Here are recaps of the latest episodes, "First Snow" and "The Wedding."

"First Snow"

Chris and Reagan are struggling with their annual Christmas letter, and they feel like there's nothing to report. They decide to take Amy on a trip to see her first snow, but things don't go well. First, Chris and Reagan get busted for public urination after going to the bathroom on the side of the road. Then, they're unable to buy the snow chains that they need. Reagan is disappointed and feels like she hasn't accomplished anything. Chris comforts her, and the two agree that the trip was a lot of fun despite the failed mission.

Meanwhile, Ava's financial picture is grim. Her accountant informs her that she's in denial about her money situation and that she needs to live on a budget. Under her account's advice, Ava reluctantly agrees to cut out elaborate Christmas gifts. However, she doesn't have a clue about shopping on a budget. After seeing that Scott has made a perfectly sentimental gift for Chris and Reagan, she starts to panic. Scott provides words of encouragement, and Ava comes up with the perfect gift. She brings snow to the Brinkley household by renting machines. Everyone is happy, and Ava is confident about her future.

"The Wedding"

This episode flashes back to Chris and Reagan's wedding. Both have high hopes for the perfect wedding, but they can't avoid disasters. The problems start at the rehearsal dinner, where Ava upstages Reagan's toast by announcing that she landed her own talk show. On top of that, Scott tells Chris that he got Connie pregnant. Chris begs Scott not to reveal the news because he wants the wedding weekend to be about Reagan. However, that news comes out along with a string of surprises.

First, Chris's mom finds out that he is living with Reagan and calls her a floozy. Then, Ava informs Reagan that she needs to start work as her executive producer immediately after the wedding weekend, which spoils her planned honeymoon.

The next day, the problems continue. Reagan is irritated because everyone is focusing on Ava's show and Connie's pregnancy. Things get worse when Scott asks Connie to marry him as Reagan walks down the aisle. Reagan runs off, and Chris chases after her. She freaks out about the whole day and shares concerns about their future plans. This prompts an argument between the two, which everyone at the wedding overhears. While they're about to exchange vows, Chris expresses his fears about the potential changes. Reagan eases his mind, and the two are able to express how much they love each other. Later, the two share a private toast in the coatroom. A waitress named Amy brings them champagne, and they both agree how much they love the name.

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