'Up All Night' recap: Chris and Reagan adjust to new roles

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Despite being in just its second season, "Up All Night" has landed some solid guest stars. In the second episode of the second season, Sean Hayes joined that list as Ava's former musical partner. His appearance was brilliant, but the highlight of episode involved the new parenting dynamic for Chis and Reagan. Their new roles are causing major issues, and that is a source for some great comedy. Here is a recap of the latest episode of "Up All Night."

The new parenting roles

Chris is now working from home with Scott, and he has set up his office in the garage. Meanwhile, Reagan is settling into her new role as a stay-at-home mom. Chris doesn't make things easy because he is constantly checking in on her. The one thing Reagan wants him to do is talk to the neighbor about his barking dog, but Chris doesn't want to do that. It seems that the neighborhood has a system in which everyone looks the other way on various issues.

Eventually, Reagan storms over to the neighbor's house to talk about the dog. Chris tries to stop her, but the two are both surprised to learn that the neighborhood is holding a fundraiser because the dog is unable to have puppies. Meanwhile, Reagan questions her skills as a mom after she locks herself out of the house with Amy inside. That leads to a discussion between her and Chris at the dog's fundraiser.

Finally, Chris does his wife a favor and brings up the dog's barking. Unfortunately, he looks like an idiot when the neighbors see Reagan hugging the dog. An undeterred Chris goes on a rant, listing all of the problems in the neighborhood. The delicate ecosystem in the neighborhood is destroyed, at least as far as he is concerned.

Ava's former partner

While Ava is dealing with unemployment, she has an awkward run-in with Walter, her former musical accompanist. It turns out that she mistreated Walter in the past, and also failed to deliver on a promise to him when she first landed "The Ava Show" years ago.

After seeing Walter dressed like a cowboy while performing a kid's party, a guilty Ava agrees to visit his home. While there, he asks her to work with him in a commercial jingle, and she reluctantly agrees. The two go to the recording studio, but there is a lot of tension when it comes to the creative process. Ava senses that Walter is out for revenge, but he denies that. The two managed to complete the jingle, but Walter loses it.

He expresses anger that Ava cut off their working relationship in the past and orders her to leave. At least Ava was able to do some soul searching and apologize for burning him in the first place.

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