'Up All Night' recap: Thanksgiving disaster for the Brinkley family

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The latest episode of "Up All Night" dealt with a Thanksgiving disaster. While this is an old formula for sitcoms, this installment did it justice. The laughs were plenty, and it was easy to relate to all of the stress and aggravation that comes with planning a major holiday. While Reagan ties to prepare the perfect dinner, she has to deal with problems beyond her inability to cook. Ava, Walter, Scott, and the neighbors all combine to make for a crazy holiday dinner. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Thanksgiving."

Thanksgiving at home

It's Thanksgiving, and Chris and Reagan have the perfect plan. They are going to travel to see his family on Thanksgiving itself so that they can avoid the hectic travel. Unfortunately, their flight gets canceled, and the two are forced to have Thanksgiving at home. In an effort to make Chris feel better, Reagan is determined to give him the best Thanksgiving ever. She promises to cook a dinner that compares to the one his family has, and Chris starts to warm up to the idea.

After a trip to the store, they arrive home to find Scott doing keg stand with a group of guys. It turns out that they are all divorced dads, and Scott was hoping to have fun with them. Feeling guilty, Chris invites Scott and the other guys to stay for dinner. The guest list grows even more when they have to invite their goofy neighbors because they need to use their oven.

As the day goes on, Reagan begins to worry about Chris having the perfect dinner. Scott and the dads are getting emotional, and the neighbors are going overboard with their decorations. Meanwhile, Chris is checking in with his family over the computer.

In order to make him feel better, she encourages him to organize a football game. He does that, but all of the other players fail to take it seriously. The only thing that does work out well is the turkey, but Chris and Reagan end up dropping it as they carry it home. Given all of the issues, everyone ends up going out to get pizza. Reagan is sad that she couldn't give Chris a great dinner, but he appreciates all of her effort.

Ava's charitable efforts

Ava and Walter are getting pampered in a hotel and seem to have little interest in celebrating the holiday. However, Ava starts to feel bad when she sees the hotel staff going through some hard times. She tells Walter that they are changing their plans and are going to help those in need instead. They show up at a church to volunteer, but there are already plenty of people there. In order to satisfy her itch, Ava makes Walter sneak in to the church to help. It doesn't take long for their snobby behavior to shine through, and they end up getting thrown out. They find a chance at redemption when they see that Reagan needs help with dinner, but that doesn't go well either. At the end of the episode, Ava finally performs her charitable act by helping Scott win a toy in the crane game.
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