'Up All Night' to undergo format change: Why the show can still succeed

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Fans of "Up All Night" are going to be in for some major changes. NBC has ordered more episodes of the sophomore series, but they come with an asterisk. After the show has its winter hiatus, it will return with a multi-camera format. That means that it will be formatted like the sitcoms of old, including the presence of a studio audience and a laugh track. The show will run in its current format until December, then return in its new style in April. While it's nice that NBC has continued to show faith in this comedy, the constant changes concern fans. Can "Up All Night" survive such a drastic overhaul? Here are a few reasons why people should be optimistic.

It's undergone changes before

Even before it began, "Up All Night" underwent big changes. Maya Rudolph's character Ava was initially a PR executive, but producers turned her into a talk show host. The move was done in order to capitalize on her fame and to allow the actress to showcase her comedic chops. Changes occurred again before the second season began. Ava's show was canned, meaning that the storylines that focused on the workplace relationship between Ava and Reagan were scrapped. In addition, a new character was introduced: Reagan's brother Scott. Clearly, this show has had to adapt on the fly. Hopefully, it can do so again.

The new format could boost ratings

For years, NBC has thrived with the single-camera sitcoms on Thursday nights. While the shows with that format have earned plenty of critical praise, they haven't done so well in the ratings. Meanwhile, CBS continues to bring in viewers with multi-camera hits like "The Big Bang Theory." As cheesy as laugh tracks might be at times, it's obvious that they don't turn off viewers. Perhaps a format change can help this show. Given the success that CBS has had, it might be worth a shot.

There are still talented actors

Regardless of the format, this show has enough talented performers to be successful. Rudolph, Christina Applegate, and Will Arnett are all proven comedy veterans. Together, they might be the funniest trio on TV. If a show is going to undergo a major transformation, it helps to have such talented actors under contract. In addition, the new format might enable the three to shine even brighter. There is reason to believe that they can make this work. So far, the three have managed to carry a show that is almost constantly evolving. There's no reason to think that they'll stop.
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