Nikki Newman a Murderer on 'The Young and the Restless'

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Fans certainly did not expect Nikki Newman to be the murderer of Diane Jenkins, but what everyone did know there was no way that Victor Newman could have killed her. The truth is finally out and Nikki Newman did indeed kill Diane. It looks like it will be self-defense, but the district attorney is definitely going to give her a hard time about it.

Apparently Nikki found out the truth about Diane and Adam trying to frame Victor. There was no way she was going to have them framing Victor, so Nikki went to the pier that night to confront Diane. It was a bad choice on Nikki's part because Diane was ready for her with a syringe filled of some type of chemical. Diane was going to do Nikki end before Nikki had a chance to spill the beans to Victor.

Nikki and Diane got to fighting and Diane was actually getting the best of Nikki until Nikki reached for the nearest rock. Nikki took the rock and hit Diane up side the head and that is what looks like killed Diane. Now the DA is actually saying they have to make sure the video is indeed authentic and that the body was Diane's. They want to make sure that this video is not some scheme that Nikki and Deacon created to help clear Victor. You have to wonder what sense do the district attorney think they are making. Why would Deacon help in a scheme that could cause him to go to jail for years and clear Victor so he could be with Nikki.

Things seem to be coming clear as to why Victor would marry Sharon. He needed someone on the outside to be on his side if something happened to Nikki. With Nikki drinking and marrying Deacon she was not acting at all like a trustworthy person. So with Sharon on his side Victor still could make some business deals and keep Adam under his wing from the jail cell. You have to admit Victor is a smart man and he can foresee trouble before it even starts brewing.

Now we have to wait to find out what will happen between Victor and Sharon when he gets out of jail which seems to be sooner than later. You have to wonder whether Victor will enjoy the benefits of being married to a much younger woman. Tune in to CBS at 4pm EST to find out what happens next on "The Young and the Restless."


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