No Emmy for 'Supernatural' star Jim Beaver

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"Supernatural" is one of those shows that gets eye-rolls from people who have never watched it, and diehard fandom from those who have. Like many shows on the CW, it often gets dismissed as "one of those teen shows," and gets ignored at the Emmys. With Jim Beaver's excellent work on the long-running series this year, including a heartbreaking death scene and emotional tour as a ghost, fans were hoping the day for critical recognition might finally be here. Disappointment abound as the Emmy nominations were announced, but is it possible everyone's favorite gruff and grumbly actor will get another chance at a nod with Bobby Singer?

Twitter reacts

"Supernatural" has a lively fan base spread across all forms of social media. Twitter users were vocal as they waited for the Emmy nominations, hoping their cynicism about the futility of hope would finally be proven wrong:

Allyson Marrs ‏@allymarrs : "@jumblejim Good luck on the Emmy noms tomorrow! I sincerely hope you get recognized for your incredible work on Supernatural. Idjit. :) "

When the Emmy Awards nominees were revealed, it became clear that "Supernatural" had to remain content with a mere three Emmy mentions in its seven-year run -- two for sound editing and one for music composition. Fans were upset that none of the actors on the series received notice, but there were plenty of shout-outs to Beaver specifically:

Kat Morgan ‏@ktkm : "Would watch #Emmy noms but why? Genre shows like #Supernatural NEVER get nods unless on HBO. & @jumblejim really deserved it too #sigh"

Annora ‏@AnnoraDanann : "No @GillianA, no @jumblejim or #Supernatural whatsoever… it must be a mistake… oh wait… thank you #Emmy for reassuring my cynicism."

Even the CW Network Twitter account got in on the action. Over a thousand users RT'ed the network's snarky message, including the man who plays the King of Snark on "Supernatural," Bobby:

CW Network ‏@CW_network : "#Emmy nomination day! Or as we call it, Thursday."

Bobby returns?

Emmy snubs are hard to take, but it's even worse when a character's demise makes it impossible for the actor to get another chance at the coveted statue. "Supernatural" fans are wondering, however, if Beaver's appearance on the show's panel at Comic-Con means he might not be completely gone after all. "There were enough things about that [final] scene to leave questions," the actor teased to reporters at the event. "Where was the leather case that was around the flask; why was Castiel sitting on the steps watching so intrigued? Anything's possible!"

Unless the "Supernatural" creators let us in on the secret, though, we likely won't find out until we actually see Bobby back on screen. Beaver was deeply amused at a Comic-Con roundtable, explaining how he hid the ghostly return of the Winchester Brothers' mentor with elaborate fish stories online about a fake movie shoot. He also admitted that he isn't much better informed on plot developments than the rest of us, only finding out about his character's story arc when the script lands on his porch.

What we're left with is an actor who probably doesn't know if he'll get another shot at that Emmy nomination, and if he does, he won't tell us anyway. We can't argue with his logic, however: "I will be very surprised if it's the last you've seen of Bobby -- I would hate to be the one guy in the history of 'Supernatural' who actually dies and stays dead."

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