'The New Normal' Episode 11 recap: 'Baby Proofing' with Cheri Oteri

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"The New Normal" family continues to prep for the impending bundle of joy with the help of Carla (Cheri Oteri). David, Goldie, and Bryan use the holidays as an excuse to overindulge. And Jane's career gets a boost thanks to realtor Nancy Niles (Marlo Thomas).

The baby concierge

Carla may call herself a baby concierge, but she acts like the Fire Marshall Bill (Jim Carrey, "In Living Color") of baby safety. She tumbles down the stairs to show the importance of a baby gate. Her grizzly descriptions of potential death traps create anxiety and strife. Although the baby isn't due for five months, David is eager to follow her suggestions. Bryan isn't ready to give up his heirloom Christmas decorations or hardcover books.

During a spat, Bryan and David call out each other's new vices. Bryan is drinking six or seven nights a week. Meanwhile, David is eating as much food as a pregnant woman. They both make excuses for their actions but later question their choices.

Christmas spirit

Eggnog activates Jane's nice personality, and she bonds with Bryan. After the two buddies enjoy libations at a party, they encounter a sobriety checkpoint during the drive home. Bryan's earlier confrontation with David makes him doubt his sobriety. Friendly, chatty Jane makes things worse by volunteering misleading information to the police.

Bryan appears drunk because he is unable to recite the alphabet backwards. The police handcuff Jane when she rants and raves about rights and having a gun, but they let the disastrous duo go since Bryan isn't drunk.

Model behavior

Goldie and David realize Shania is imitating them by becoming a glutton and applying Bryan's boozy lingo to her bottomless glass of milk. They resolve to improve their eating habits in order to present a better example for Shania and the new baby. The police incident makes Bryan rethink his behavior, as well.

New beginnings

Bryan introduces Jane to real estate mogul Nancy Niles. The tough businesswoman tears Jane apart by criticizing her "1980s Mervyn's power suit." Nancy says Jane reminds of her of herself before she found success. She doesn't want such a depressing reminder, but changes her mind when Jane shows off her realtor skills and delivers a veiled insult. Jane's sass wins her a new job.

After the guys make up, David surprises Bryan with a baby-proof Christmas tree. They decide the precious baby is worth any adjustment or sacrifice.

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