'The New Normal' Episode 13 recap: Who’s the best 'Stay-at-Home Dad'?

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While interviewing a pool of prospective nannies, David (Justin Bartha) and Bryan (Andrew Rannells) realize one of them will have to become a stay-at-home dad once the baby arrives. Shania (Bebe Wood) tests David and Bryan's patience, while Goldie (Georgia King) enjoys a vacation. Rocky (NeNe Leakes) takes a more hands-on role on the set of "Sing." Nana (Ellen Barkin) is absent from this episode of "The New Normal."

Dueling dads

Both Bryan and David are eager to become the lone stay-at-home dad. Each one thinks he will make the perfect dad. They treat Goldie to a spa vacation as an early birthday gift so they can test their parenting skills on Shania.

Bryan takes a break from work to play the fun dad to Shania. They watch "My Strange Addiction" together and eat some of the non-toxic household items featured on the TV show. She has trouble sleeping without her mom and keeps Bryan awake all night. Although he struggles with the basic parenting duties, he puts on a brave face and agrees to provide the decorations for a princess tea party.

Munching on cotton balls leaves Shania with an upset stomach, and Bryan has to pick her up from the school nurse's office. Tending to a sick child leaves him exhausted, and he gives up.

David smugly takes his turn as the stay-at-home dad. He is organized and avoids all the problems Bryan encountered. In his excitement, he tries to send Shania to school on a Saturday.

The tea party plans change, leaving David in charge of the little princesses. He doesn't mesh well with the girls. They give him a princess makeover and run with scissors before discovering a trove of "see-through lotion" in his nightstand. He ends up as exhausted and defeated as Bryan.

Goldie's pep talk

Goldie comes home early because Shania was worried about Bryan and David. The veteran single mom tells the two dads that all parents make mistakes, but David's practicality and Bryan's creativity will allow them to combine their strengths. They can face the challenges together.

The pep talk inspires the dads-to-be, and they work together to care for Shania while Goldie continues her vacation.

Rocky Rhoades, producer

It is time for another round of not- so-subtle "Glee" jokes! On the set of "Sing," Brynn complains about her character's unbelievable storyline, but Rocky sassily threatens to replace her with Demi Lovato. The power play convinces Bryan to ease his grip on the show and let Rocky pursue her dream of becoming a producer.

Rocky yells at the writers for incorporating yet another Barbra Streisand medley. She doesn't understand why a 16-year-old girl played by a 26-year-old actress would be so interested in the music of a 70-year-old singer.

She terrorizes the staff with her heavy-handed approach to producing, but her "Sing" episode moves Bryan to happy tears. He promotes her to producer.

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