'The New Normal' episode 14 recap: Mark Consuelos and John Stamos challenge the 'Gaydar'

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In "Gaydar," "The New Normal" gang grapples with the concept of gaydar and snap judgments. Mark Consuelos guest stars as a love interest for Rocky. Does his passion for music and Oprah hint at his sexual identity? John Stamos plays a flirtatious real estate agent who gives Jane a makeover. Is he secretly gay, like her husband?

Guess who's coming out

Real estate agent Bryce (John Stamos) comes to check out Jane's first open house outside of Ohio. He insults her old-fashioned ways and guides her through a head-to-toe makeover. A stylist transforms her immoveable, helmet hair into a sassy, side swept coif. She ditches the 1980s skirt suit for a sleek outfit. The new Jane is a bit vulnerable and more laid back. She is attracted to Bryce, but his fashion savvy and personality quirks make her wonder if he is gay.

Rocky has a similar experience on the "Sing" set. She gets cozy with one of the show's grips, Chris (Mark Consuelos), and is ready to start a romantic relationship with him. Shania says he triggered her gaydar. It is enough to make Rocky rethink her relationship with him.

Bryan and Shania decide to host a dinner party to test the questionable fellas. Crude comments round out the gents' knowledge of fashion and music, leaving the gang perplexed. Bryce finally discovers their not-so-subtle agenda, and everyone gets into an argument.

Bryce thinks Jane wants to label him so she can decide if she should ridicule him for being gay. She reluctantly reveals that she is attracted to him but is afraid of getting hurt like she did during her horrible marriage. He gives her a speech about changing with the times instead of clinging to old stereotypes.

Rocky apologizes to Chris, and he feels comfortable enough to admit he is gay. He wants to keep it a secret from his coworkers, though. Rocky pledges to protect him and continue their friendship.

Clash of the fashions

Bryan wants the baby to wear a long, lacey christening gown, but David thinks the frilly frock it too feminine for their son. He worries that having two dads will make the baby a target for hatred and doesn't want to fuel the fire. Bryan argues that they should not change to please others.

Ultimately, David decides he does not want fear to restrict his choices. He agrees to let the baby wear the traditional gown.

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