'The New Normal' Episode 15 recap: 'Dairy Queen' delivers lactivists and more John Stamos

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On Tuesday night's "The New Normal," Bryan's (Andrew Rannells) passionate views about breastfeeding drive him to stage a protest at a posh restaurant. John Stamos returns as Jane's (Ellen Barkin) love interest, but her stodgy ways threaten their budding relationship. Shania (Bebe Wood) experiences a bizarre version of sibling rivalry.

Milkman mania

After seeing a friend, Megan, breastfeed her baby, Bryan longs to experience the same bonding experience with his own child. He decides to buy a vest-like device called the Milkman to allow him to simulate the experience. He is shocked to learn that everyone does not share his enthusiasm and plans a flash mob at a breastfeeding-unfriendly restaurant.

A group of lactivists nurse their babies and parade around the restaurant as Bryan blasts "Milkshake." Their political statement stops cold when Bryan removes his coat to reveal the Milkman.

Bryan confesses that he is worried about being an uncaring parent, like his mother. Somehow, he thinks this hinges on breastfeeding. David (Justin Bartha) gives him a reality check and reassures him that he will be an overly intrusive parent with plenty of love to share.

Meanwhile, Megan urges her hubby to follow Bryan's example and wear the Milkman. Fickle, fashionable Bryan scoffs when he sees the contraption in use. Suddenly, he decides it is stupid.

Big, bad, and perfectly exfoliated

After Jane's games fail to entice Brice, Rocky (NeNe Leakes) advises her to take the direct approach. It works! They enjoy a hip date at a food truck, but Brice threatens to cut it short unless she stifles her prejudice jokes. She invites him on another date, but he declines. Later, she becomes enraged when she sees him getting cozy with a 20-something. She confronts him and learns the young woman is his daughter, Amber.

Another mother's milk

Goldie (Georgia King) agrees to pump breast milk for the baby so he can enjoy the purported health benefits. Shania is disappointed when she learns Goldie didn't breastfeed her and worries that her mental development is somehow lacking. Shania wants Goldie to pump milk for her ASAP, so she can try to salvage her mind. Goldie angrily denies her 9-year-old daughter's request and declares the topic closed.

Shania uses a gift card to purchase breast milk online, but Goldie intervenes before she can drink it. They fight and spill the pricey beverage. Eventually, Shania admits she is jealous of the baby. Goldie reassures her, and all is well with this modern family.

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