'The New Normal' Episode 17 recap: Baby shower blues

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On Tuesday night's "The New Normal," Rocky (NeNe Leakes) hosts a baby shower for the guys. The celebration lures Jane (Ellen Barkin) and Clay (Jayson Blair) back into the picture. Meanwhile, pregnancy makes Goldie (Georgia King) more emotional than usual.

Tokens of affection

Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) planned to skip the traditional baby shower since they are fortunate enough to have everything they need. Plus, avoiding the shower means they won't have to coo over a bunch of baby gear. Rocky steamrolls them into letting her host the fete so they can share their joy with everyone. The guys reluctantly concede but insist they do not want any gifts.

Naturally, Rocky opts to accept gifts anyway. Bryan and David are disgusted by a pre-party delivery of tacky, expensive gifts, but Rocky points out their ungrateful behavior. David decides they should happily accept the gifts and secretly donate them after the shower.

Rocky wants to buy an impressive gift to help repay the guys for everything they have done for her. A quick flashback reveals that she met Bryan while working as a body waxer. She shared her goal to have it all: success, career, and family. Bryan fueled her ambition by giving her an amazing job opportunity. Surprisingly, Jane wants to give a generous gift, as well. The blonde buddies pool their money to buy a lavish mink onesie for the baby.

Walker House

Shania channels her inner Andy Warhol to help create a 1980s New York City theme for the shower. The glitzy gifts are a stark contrast to the gritty city scene. The guys receive outlandish gifts ranging from a Swarovski crystal-studded potty seat to a custom bassinet made from an endangered tree. True to their scheme, they haul everything to a home for children, Walker House.

A gruff employee, Gerald, berates them for their self-congratulatory attitude. He thinks they are rich people making a frivolous donation for a tax break. He suggests they do something genuine to help the kids. The guys meet another staff member and two children, Malcolm and Nikki. Malcolm's trash talk makes him seem like Jane with training wheels, but he pitifully implores the guys to adopt him. Baby Nikki is too cute for words and makes an impression on the guys.

Jane and Rocky become angry when they find out about the gift scheme. They head to Walker House to retrieve their mink onesie, and encounter Malcolm and Nikki. Rocky can't resist holding the baby.

The guys can't stop thinking about Gerald's challenge and little Nikki. They return to Walker House to adopt her. They soon learn Nikki already has a family and their second-choice child, Malcolm, is actually Gerald's precocious son.

Rocky is Nikki's new foster mom! She kept her parenting goal secret because she was afraid Bryan would think it would interfere with her work. Instead, he is completely supportive and adds a nursery to the "Sing" set.

Goldie's shower

A flashback shows how Clay changed from lazy slob to a considerate father. He decides to throw a surprise party for Goldie since she never had a baby shower. The sweet gesture moves Goldie to tears.

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