'The New Normal' Recap: 'About a Boy Scout' Explores Both Sides of the Boy Scouts’ Ban

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Throughout its freshman season, "The New Normal" routinely tackled polarizing issues ranging from breast feeding to politics. Tuesday night's episode, "About a Boy Scout," continues this tradition as David (Justin Bartha) struggles with the Boy Scouts' ban against openly gay members. Meanwhile, Rocky (NeNe Leakes) tries to protect Goldie (Georgia King) from her own naivete.

In the Scouts, in the closet

Seeing Freddie endure scouting activities rekindles David's passion for the organization. He reminisces about his own journey to Eagle Scout and hopes to share the experience with his son. Bryan (Andrew Rannells) delivers a harsh reality check, reminding David about the organization's stance against gay members. David dismisses it as an outdated policy that is no longer enforced.

David wows the troop with his zeal and knowledge, but keeps his sexual orientation secret through lies of omission. The not-as-enthusiastic dads are happy to let him become a role model to their boys. Although his pal Freddie already knows the truth, David fears the group will reject him if they know about his lifestyle.

Coming out, again

Bryan challenges him to be honest, but David is scared because the Boy Scouts are such an important part of his identity. During the next meeting, David introduces everyone to his fiancé. Unfazed, the group has a positive response. Bryan apologizes for his misplaced cynicism, but the kumbaya moment is cut short when David receives a letter revoking his membership because his lifestyle is "inconsistent" with the organization's values.

Bryan and David confront the troop leaders, but they all deny turning him in to the national office. Freddie encourages him to be patient because the ban's days are numbered. David throws his badge-filled sash on the ground in disgust. When little Kyle asks why he made such a disrespectful gesture, David says he loved the Boy Scouts, but they don't respect the way he loves.

Later, Scoutmaster Pat tells David that Kyle quit because of the discrimination. Pat confesses that he is the informant. He feared Kyle's admiration of David would somehow influence the boy's own sexuality. He doesn't consider himself homophobic, but he'd prefer to have a "normal" son. David patiently listens to the concerned father's confession. He knows the world is changing and hopes the Boy Scouts will soon honor its own oath so he can help his son earn badges.

Addicted to love

Rocky is secretly attending Loveholics Anonymous meetings so she can learn to focus on herself instead of a man. Brice (John Stamos), a self-proclaimed "compulsive playa," is also at the meeting. Knowing Brice's past makes Rocky suspicious of his relationship with Goldie.

After some soul-searching, Rocky decides to confront Brice. He denies any ulterior motives. Without betraying the sanctity of the support group, she gives Goldie a general warning about Brice. Goldie admits she has a crush on him and keeps finding excuses to see him. Rocky explains how Goldie's focus on reinventing herself inspired her to change her own life. She helps Goldie avoid falling into the love trap.

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