'The New Normal' Season 1 Finale Recap: 'The Big Day' Adds New Flavor to Predictable Story

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It is still unclear if "The New Normal" will return for a second season, but the show's Season 1 finale suits either outcome by tying up loose ends while leaving room for future adventures. Naturally, "The Big Day" features predictable wedding drama and inopportune labor pains, but the show's balance of comedy and heart deliver a unique experience.

Our day, our way?

In their quest to become married before the birth of their son, Bryan and David settle on a tasteful wedding at home. They try to schmooze Father Michael with dinner and wine, but he absolutely cannot perform the wedding ceremony. They use chocolate milk to entice Gary from Expanding Families, and he is more than happy to officiate.

David and Bryan lovingly decide to create their own traditions and speak from the heart instead of reading their vows. But they tempt fate by repeating the mantra "our day, our way." Did they forget about the steamrolling skills of their guilt-hurling mothers? Colleen quickly delivers a reality check by insisting the guys do not see each other until the wedding. Bryan indulges the seemingly harmless request.

David's mom, Frances, arrives solo because her ex-husband is helping his girlfriend cope with a death in her family. Frances generously hands an ancient tux to David. She wants him to wear Grandpa Julie's old wedding tux! Since he cannot deny his mother, he trades his stylish tux for the hideous relic.

Meanwhile, Colleen decides she should walk Bryan down the aisle since his father is dead. Frances overhears them and demands to walk her son down the aisle, as well. Colleen objects, but Frances refuses to be penalized because her ex-hubby is still alive.

The wedding spirals out of control because of the meddlesome mamas. Instead of enjoying a loving celebration, Bryan and David simply want to complete the ceremony before their baby arrives. Gary begins a bizarre ceremony typical of his well-established weirdness, but another mama interrupts; Goldie politely informs everyone that her water broke.

Colleen, Frances, Jane, David, Bryan, Rocky, Shania, Clay, and Goldie all head to the hospital. Clay shows his paternal side by comforting a nervous-looking Shania in the waiting room. Somehow, the rest of the large group files into the delivery room while Rocky films the action.

"Beautiful Boy"

Instead of delivering their usual sass, the women take the backseat as Bryan and David embrace their newborn son, Sawyer Collins. "Beautiful Boy," penned by John Lennon for his own son, plays quite effectively during a lengthy montage. Unlike the newborns featured on "Call the Midwife," this infant is rather large and alert. That is great news for the baby because Dr. David went right for the soft spot when he touched the baby's head.

Wedding bells and seashells

Two weeks later, Jane thanks Goldie for teaching her how to be an independent woman. She is truly happy with her new life but cautions Goldie to live up to her own example. It is the same message Rocky shared in a previous episode.

Shania fears she will lose everything if Goldie remarries Clay. She runs away to the beach, but the gang tracks her down. She reminds Goldie of the beginning of their California adventure. Goldie reveals that she isn't marrying Clay but intends to co-parent with him.

Bryan admires the scenery and says it would be perfect for a wedding. He and David decide to hold a simple ceremony with Goldie, Shania, Rocky, Nikki, and Sawyer. Father Michael comes in an unofficial capacity and declares them a family.

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