'The Office' - What to Do with Angela's New Baby?

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Well it should have come as no surprise to any fan of the show that Dwight Shrute (Rainn Wilson) turned out to be the father of Angela's baby ("Jury Duty" aired 2/2/2012). After all they've always had an on-again, off-again office romance or at least sexual relationship of the most bizarre kind; need we even mention the infamous "baby contract" they once signed. The problem now is what should the writers do with the new tot, Dwight's fatherhood, or Angela's future relationships? To help answer that here then are five potential plotlines they could use.

Dwight fights Angela for custody

Sure Dwight Shrute is a first rate office nut job, but then again a committed nut case is the type of person who would fight a married woman for custody of their "alleged" love child. The end of the episode "Jury Duty" made this a clear cut possibility, after all Dwight is already posting children stickers on his car and forgiving Jim Halpert (John Krasinki) for his recent unexcused absence from work, reasoning that Jim had acted like any new father would.

Angela shacks up with Dwight

Yes, she is married to a state senator, one who is allegedly gay, but let's face it Angelia belongs with Dwight; and what better place to raise their love child then to have Angelia and child move into Shrute's farm. How Mose Schrute deals with Angela and the new Shrute child would make for a great episode all on its own.

Angela shacks up with Andy

Okay, here is a plotline no one would see coming, Angela leaves the Senator, bypasses Dwight, and goes back to Andy. Not possible? Why not, they were once engaged. This scenario would not only rattle Dwight but also cause Erin (Ellie Kemper) to blow a gasket, which of course would lead to a Dwight - Erin hookup. Farfetched? Not really, Erin and Dwight were faking coziness just a few shows ago.

Dwight Shrute moves to Corporate

Hey, don't knock it. Dwight already has taken one trip down to Florida to interview for a job. Why not make use of the moment to have a heart-broken but determine Dwight Shrute prove his worth to Angela and the baby by taking on corporate by storm? Dwight at corporate could certainly make for at least an interesting three week story arc, or even (dare we say it) a series spin-off.

Oscar Adopts Angela's Baby

Once the Senator realizes the baby is not his, and Angela realizes that her faux marriage is more important to her than Dwight's baby, she offers the baby to Oscar for adoption. This would not only infuriate Dwight, but also give Oscar a new purpose of sort on the show. After all, being the office only gay hispanic know it all, has been played for a few seasons now. Let his character take a shot at fatherhood and see where that goes. Especially if the overly competitive Oscar feels he needs to compete with Jim as the office's reigning new father.

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